Project Server 2013 reporting database (RDB) schema reference

The attached Project2013Reporting.exe file contains a draft release of the schema reference for the reporting tables and views in Project Server 2013. To install the files, run Project2013Reporting.exe. The next release of the Project 2013 SDK download will also include the reporting schema reference; that will be announced here when the Project 2013 SDK update is published….


You can use Project with SharePoint Composites, too

The Guide to creating SharePoint Composites includes a 73-page download that explains SharePoint Composites. To quote from the download, “A SharePoint Composite combines data, documents, and business process in a useful, productive way. … A SharePoint Composite is a ‘do-it-yourself’ business solution.” The SharePoint Composites.docx handbook includes a detailed introduction along with common design patterns…


Project Server Cache Synchronization

Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 and Microsoft Project Server 2010 internally manage cache synchronization by tracking revisions to major entities such as projects and maintaining records for deletions of those entities. Although the Draft, Published, and Archive databases in Project Server are not documented, and direct access to those databases is not supported, a basic…


Project 2010 at Microsoft TechED Europe 2010

  As you may know Microsoft TechED Europe 2010 is taking place in November in Europe and Microsoft Project 2010 will have of course presence at the event! What you can look for? Great event! 4 dedicated sessions for Project 2010 along with a special announcement 🙂 Project 2010 booth staffed with Project experts and…


Creating a Web Part that Lists Projects with a Specified Custom Field Value

To list all projects that have a specified value of a custom field, the easiest solution is to develop a PSI extension that queries the Reporting database (RDB) in Project Server 2010. When you install the attached file, the ListProjectsWebPart_JSGrid\ListProjects_PSIExtension subdirectory includes complete code samples to create and test the ListProjects PSI extension. The…


ANNOUNCING: Demand Management Center for Project 2010 now live!

  For simple information discovery – we have just published a Project 2010 Demand Management resource center that centralizes all information around Demand Management and Portfolio Strategy into one single location.   Many of included links include pure developer resources. We have decided not to fragment the resources between TechNet and MSDN – that’s why…


Debugging a Project Server Workflow in Visual Studio 2010

The How to: Install and Test a Project Server Workflow article in the Project 2010 SDK needs information about how to debug a workflow. Because Visual Studio 2010 can install a workflow solution on the local Project Server computer during development and testing, you can use Visual Studio to attach to a process that the…


Writing a PSI Extension for Project Server 2010

The blog articles How to make PSI Extensions in Project Server 2010 – Part I and  Part II show how to create and use a simple PSI extension that reads a list of timesheets for the current user, by calling both the GetCurrentUserUid method and the ReadTimesheetList method in the extension. The code in the…


ANNOUNCING: Project 2010 TechCenters on TechNet refreshed

It’s our pleasure to present you refreshed versions of our one-stop technical resources related to ·        Upgrade and Migration to Project 2010 – ·        Business Intelligence for Project 2010 –   These centers are part of the Project Server 2010 TechNet TechCenter and their concept is to collect relevant information in one…


Creating a Project for a Department, and Using the WCF FaultException

When you add a Project Departments custom field to a ProjectDataSet.ProjectCustomFields table, do not set the value of the MD_PROP_ID property. Project Server automatically adds a value when it creates the project. The CreateProject4Department code example shows the data in the ProjectDataSet before and after the call to QueueCreateProject. The WCF-based CreateProject4Department example in the attached…