Canceling the Before Save Event

Hello, A good question came in yesterday; how to cancel the Project Before Save event in Project client: Public Sub GlobalApplication_ProjectBeforeSave(ByVal pj As Project, ByVal SaveAsUi As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)          Cancel = True       End Sub (For demonstration and simplicity, this event handler just cancels all saves. You would most likely want to add validation…


Project Server 2007 – Project Server Developer Community Expanding

Leveraging the development aspects of Project Server 2007 spans a wide range of skills.  PWA customizations (ASP.NET), workflow development, line of business applications integration using the PSI, extending Project Server functionality using server side events, specialized reporting from the Project Server databases and experience using VSTO are all areas of discussion.  The Project Server Product…


Getting the PSI URL from an Event Handler

Hello, There have been a few question with regards to how to get the PSI URL from an event handler. To get the URL, you will need to call into the SharePoint object model. So the first step is to create a reference to it: using Microsoft.SharePoint; Then you are going to need to create…


Reporting Database Extensions: Local Custom Fields Custom Code

Introduction This custom solution builds on the Project Server 2007 server-side event model to cache a report-friendly copy of Project Local Custom Fields in the Reporting database. The following data is cached: Task Text Custom Fields (with and without lookup tables) by Project Lookup table values by Project Task Outline Code values by Project The…


December update of the Project 2007 SDK

Hello, Jim Corbin has just passed along the following: The December update of the Project 2007 SDK download and the MSDN online release are both published. This is the third SDK update published since the RTM release of the SDK in November 2006. The first update was published in April and the second in July,…


Office Project Server 2007 Developer Training

Microsoft  Office Enterprise Project Management University (EPMU) is offering a range of new courses in Project Server and Project Portfolio Sever 2007 including Developer Training. Office Project Server 2007 Developer Training Designed for Developers extending, developing and integrating Office Project Server 2007 3 Day Course USD$550 For full details of all courses visit EPMU_DataSheet_100207.pdf


Writing and Debugging Event Handlers for Project Server 2007

Another Visual How-to for Project development is published on MSDN: Writing and Debugging Event Handlers for Project Server 2007   In less than 12 minutes, the video shows the development, testing, and debugging of a simple event handler for publishing projects. The OnPublishing event handler cancels publishing if the project name does not satisfy a…


Project Conference 2007 is Quickly Approaching

I just wanted to give a quick update about the Project Conference that is coming up at the end of October in Seattle. This is going to be our biggest conference ever! With sessions covering everything from how to get started with Project to managing a large EPM solution. There is entire track of sessions that is focused…


Customizing E-Mail for Project Server Notifications

  Jim Corbin has written a draft article on how to customize e-mail notifications from Project Server:     Here is a draft of an article and source code that will be published in the Project 2007 SDK update late this year. The draft article Customizing Notifications.doc is in the attached   The article explains how to…


SDK Update

There is an updated version of the Project SDK:   Project 2007 SDK online  Project 2007 SDK download   New and updated topics since last April’s release include: ·         Task Start and Finish Dates ·         Extending the Project Workspace Template ·         SetAssignmentWorkData Schema Reference ·         Changes for Custom Project Guides (additional information for deployment) ·        …