Office 2010 Interactive Developer Map

The Microsoft Office 2007 interactive developer map has been available for several years, which is very handy for finding documentation on all Office 2007 products. Now Office 2010 has its own: See Microsoft Office 2010 Developer Map. Want to find documentation for OneNote Mobile on Windows Phone 7? Just click Mobile Applications in the Developer…


New SharePoint 2010 book for developers

MS Press has just published Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2010, which will also be very useful for Project Server 2010 developers – since, as we all know, Project Server is an application service in SharePoint Server, PWA is a SharePoint application (a somewhat restricted one with a few specialized Project Server Web Parts thrown in), and…


Free Resources for Developers

Just in case you don’t receive the MSDN Flash Newsletter, there are three top stories this week: Free eBook: Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Still using Visual Studio 2008? Oops, you said 2005? Maybe 2003? We’re pleased to announce another free offering from Microsoft Press (336 pages). 31 Days of Windows Phone 7 Jeff…


My VBA macro from Project 2007 doesn’t work in Project 2010!

If you have a VBA macro that worked in Project 2007 and doesn’t work in Project 2010, here are some things to try. There are quite a few members from Project 2007 that are deprecated and hidden in Project 2010. Some of the hidden members still work as they did in Project 2007, some simply do nothing, and…


SharePoint 2010 Developer Conference Presentations

The SharePoint 2010 developer conference presentation files are available in PowerPoint and XPS format. They include developer presentations for integrating with Office 2010 clients. See SharePoint 2010 Presentations: Developer Conference Session Files.


Code samples from the Project 2010 SDK webcast

The attached file contains three complete Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 projects for code samples that were briefly discussed in the Project 2010 Software Development Kit (SDK) Drilldown webcast: ProjectGuideAddIn:  Uses Microsoft Office development tools (VSTO) in Visual Studio 2010 to add a toggle button to the Project Standard or Project Professional 2010 ribbon, which turns…


RTM update of the Project 2010 SDK

The Project 2010 SDK download and the MSDN online release are both published, and the Project Developer Center portal is updated. They have the same URLs as previous releases: Project Developer Center: <– This is the place to start. All of the portal pages are updated, including the Videos and Webcasts page. SDK Online:…


Using formulas in custom fields

  Using formulas within custom fields has been a part of Microsoft Project for a long time, but typically they are used by the more advanced project managers and by developers of Project applications and add-ons.   That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn how to use them. After all, of all the ways you…