Getting a Project GUID on the Cheap

Many people have requested for a complementary method to GetProjectNameFromProjectUid where they can pass in a project name and it returns the project’s GUID. Unfortunately it did not make it into the Project API. Since it has been requested many times, I figured that it would be useful to post a method, GetProjectUidFromProjectName, which did…


Adding a Project to a Category

Brian Smith from PSS has passed along this sample that we thought might be helpful: The scenario here is that you have a lookup table that shows the categories you want users to select from when creating a project, and then the GUID for the “real” security category is held in the description for the…


Forms Authentication in SQL Reporting Services

Phil passed along a blog entry from one of our SQL colleagues which mentions how to support Forms Authentication in SQL Reporting services. It isn’t enabled out of the box but it can be supported. This is cool news for all forms users who want to access reports. We haven’t tried it out yet but…


Getting Started with the PSI

Many people have asked, “How do I get started working with the PSI?” So I figured I would blog about creating a very simple application that interacts with the PSI. For this example, I will create a simple Windows Application that connects to Project Server and retrieves a list of resources for a given project….


Welcome to the Project Programmability blog!

As we are on the verge of releasing Microsoft Office Project 2007 we want to help our customer and partner community by providing a forum for learning how to develop applications that communicate with both Project Server and Project Client. There will be three of us manning this blog, Patrick Conlan, Phil Smail and myself…