March 2013 update of the Project 2013 SDK download file

The Project 2013 SDK download is updated. The conceptual, how-to, and reference documentation in the download closely matches the Project 2013 developer documentation online content published on MSDN.

The Project2013SDK.msi download file now installs properly on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

The Project 2013 SDK download contains:

  • The on-premises Reporting database schema reference, ProjectServer2013_ReportingDB.chm, and the OLAP cube schema reference. 
  • Updated VBA Help for local use. Objects such as Chart, Report, Series, and Shape now show correct members tables, properties, and methods topics.
  • Basic reference topics for the JavaScript client-side object model (JSOM), which includes REST endpoints and HTTP request syntax. You can use the JSOM for development of Project Online solutions for cross-browser web apps and for non-Windows platforms.
  • Sixteen complete code solutions, including two task pane apps (with minor updates) for Project, the QuickStatus app sample for Project Server and Project Online, eight client-side object model (CSOM) solutions, two solutions for querying the ProjectData service for reporting, and three updated legacy PSI solutions.
  • DLLs and a license for redistribution of the Project Server CSOM assemblies, JavaScript files for the CSOM, the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library assembly, and the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Events.Receivers library for on-premises development.
    Notes:   1. The attached file contains the RTM build 15.0.4420.1017 of the Project Server assemblies for redistribution.
                  2. The file also includes the Microsoft.Office.Project.Schema.dll assembly, for developing event handlers.
                  3. Project CSOM solutions also require the redistributable DLLs for the SharePoint 2013 CSOM, 
                      which are at SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK.
  • Updated Intellisense files for the PSI and CSOM, source code for creating a PSI proxy assembly, and instructions on how to update the PSI proxy files.
  • XML schemas for the Project client, AppProvisioning, and the Statusing PSI.

The top-level online landing page for the Project SDK is Project for developers (

For additional Project-related SDK content, see Office for developers (, SharePoint for developers (, and Build apps for Office and SharePoint ( The two articles on Task pane apps for Project are in the Apps for Office and SharePoint SDK, and the JavaScript API for Office reference includes information specific for Project, the ProjectDocument object with eleven methods and three events, and four enumerations for Project.

Want to try out Project 2013?

  1. Sign up for Project Online and Project Pro for Office 365
  2. Download Project Professional 2013 and Project Server 2013


Comments (6)

  1. Ooh says:

    Unfortunately you linked to the SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK PREVIEW. Here's the correct link:…/details.aspx

  2. Ooh says:

    We just found out that you STILL deploy test-signed assemblies in your SDK which cannot be used for production application development [1]. When are you going to give us fully signed assemblies?

    For example, please run "sn.exe -vf Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Events.Receivers.dll" on the bits you ship in the SDK. Output: "Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Events.Receivers.dll is a delay-signed or test-signed assembly"

    [1] Yes, we know that we can activate verification skipping on our dev boxes, but we can't redist those assemblies.

  3. Jim Corbin says:

    The link to SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK is fixed. For information about the attached file, see the notes in the post above. The Project2013SDK.msi download file will be updated by about March 28.

  4. Ooh says:

    Thanks for the update Jim!

    One more question: Why is the Microsoft.Office.Project.Schema assembly not available for redistribution? It just contains lots of DataSets and doesn't have a lot of external dependencies (as Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Events.Receivers and Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library do), so I don't see any reason to prohibit redistribution. Could you please shed some light on this?

  5. Jim Corbin says:

    Good question. The attached file now includes the Microsoft.Office.Project.Schema.dll assembly.

    Local event handlers: The Microsoft.Office.Project.Schema.dll is used for development of some local, full-trust event handlers that include a DataSet in the event arguments, such as the LookupTableEventReceiver.OnCreating event receiver. While the schema assembly is used for development, it is not necessary to redistribute it. Installation of an event handler on another machine requires only the compiled event handler assembly.

    Remote event receivers are required for Project Online, and are developed with the CSOM. Although the CSOM itself does not use datasets, the event receivers still expose the same data in the event arguments — such as the LookupTableEventReceiver.OnCreatingRemote event receiver.

    Thanks for pointing out this omission. We originally (in the Project 2007 SDK) excluded the schema assembly for redistribution because we don't document it in the managed code reference, and developers generally had easy access to test servers where they could copy the schema assembly. Developers for Project Online might not have an on-prem instance of Project Server.


  6. Ooh says:

    Wow, great answer! Thanks for the update, your helpful answers and timely response. Big thumbs up!!!

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