Project 2013 Preview SDK and related resources

The Project 2013 Preview SDK download is published. The conceptual, how-to, and reference documentation in the download closely matches the Project 2013 developer documentation online content published on MSDN. In addition, the download also contains:

  • Ten complete code solutions, including two task pane apps for Project, six client-side object model (CSOM) solutions, and two solutions for querying the ProjectData service for reporting.
  • DLLs and a license for redistribution of the three Project Server CSOM assemblies, JavaScript files for the CSOM, and the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library assembly.

    Note: Project CSOM solutions also require the redistributable DLLs for the SharePoint 2013 CSOM, which are at SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK.

  • Intellisense files for the PSI and CSOM, source code for creating a PSI proxy assembly, and instructions on how to update the PSI proxy files.
  • XML schemas for the Project client, AppProvisioning, and the Statusing PSI.

The top-level online landing page for the Project SDK is Project for developers (

For additional Project-related SDK content, see Office for developers (, SharePoint for developers (, and Build apps for Office and SharePoint ( The two articles on Task pane apps for Project are in the Apps for Office and SharePoint SDK, and the JavaScript API for Office reference includes information specific for Project, the ProjectDocument object with eleven methods and three events, and four enumerations for Project. Those SDK downloads are now published:

Want to try out Project 2013?

  1. Sign up for the Project Online Preview with Project Pro for Office 365
  2. Download Project Professional 2013 Preview & Project Server 2013 Preview

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