Timesheet Solutions for Webcast: Understanding the PSI in Project Server 2010

The MSDN Webcast: Understanding Project Server Interface (PSI) in Project Server 2010 (Level 300) presentation is available for download, when you register for the event. Several of the sample applications that were demonstrated in the webcast are available in the Project 2010 SDK download. The TimesheetSamples.zip file that is attached to this blog post includes the two example solutions for timesheets. (Steven Haden and Olivier Laymand, Microsoft Corporation, did the webcast and created the sample code.)

  • MyTsSample shows how to update a  timesheet for a resource, where the timesheet is in single entry mode.
  • TimesheetEventHandler shows how to use impersonation with a TimesheetEventReceiver.OnCreated event handler, to update the timesheet name.


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  1. Andrew G says:

    Hi. It looks like the "MyTsSample" sample for updating TS actuals in singe entry mode does not work for new tasks. For example, if you create a task in project and publish project, it is automatically appears in existing timesheet. But when you put actuals – it blocks the queue saying "Waiting to be proceed". But this doesn't happen if you update actuals for some other task in this timesheet before. Any ideas?

  2. anil gangwar says:

    Below is to update timesheet and actulas


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