Update of the Project 2010 SDK (March 2011)

The Project 2010 SDK download and the MSDN online release are both updated. They have the same URLs as previous releases:

New conceptual and how-to topics:

Topic updates since January 14, which was the previous MSDN online update:
18 conceptual and how-to topics have relatively minor updates.
50 managed code types (plus subtopics for properties, methods, and events) are updated, including new code samples for:

New / updated items in the Project 2010 SDK download, which was last updated Sept. 2010:

  • Project2010SDK.chm is an HTML Help file that includes the same updated content that is online.
  • WINPROJ.DEV.hxs is an update of VBA Help that includes the latest changes in the VBA object model documentation. There are also instructions for replacing the local VBA Help file that was shipped with the Project RTM release.
  • IntelliSense files are updated for the PSI proxy assembly and the Project Server assemblies, to show descriptions of classes and members while programming in Visual Studio.
  • Event handler solutions: TestCreatingProject, TestCreatedCustomField
  • OLP sample is a solution that uses the following PSI methods: ReadProjectList, ReadProject, ReadWssData, ReadTaskWebObject, CreateWebObjectLinks, ReadTaskLinkedWebObjects, DeleteWebObjectLink
  • ProjTool complete solution, updated for Project 2010.
  • PWA Ribbon Customization solution.
  • New PSI code samples include complete WCF-based solutions for code samples that are published in the managed code reference, for the following methods: CreateResource, ReadResource, ReadResourcePlan, QueueCreateResourcePlan, QueuePublishResourcePlan, ReadDriverList, ReadPrioritization, and CreatePrioritization.
  • Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.dll, file version 14.0.4999.1061, and redistribution license.


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