How to use the “Skip to Stage” Feature in Project Server 2010 Workflows

Introduction The skip to stage feature is designed to allow administrators the ability to restart a workflow and have it attempt to skip along the workflow until it reaches a particular stage. A common scenario for this functionality is when a project has progressed to a specific point in a workflow, but needs to be…


Sweeten your Project 2010 environment with Custom Fields

The Project 2010 SDK nicely documents Custom Field functionality – very important functionality for customizing Project 2010 – Custom Fields enable you to capture and calculate additional metadata for Projects, Resources, Tasks and Assignments. Project 2010 SDK: “You can filter, group, sort, and create OLAP cubes and reports based on custom field values. Project 2010…


Get ready for the rich Business Intelligence platform in 2010

Just wanted to bring–up few links on the BI capabilities – that could be used in 2010 as well: Enterprise Project Management (EPM) and data visualization using Microsoft BI tools and solutions  This is a 2007 based Virtual BI lab – shows a lot about Excel Services and Performance Point – the technologies available for…


Update of Impersonation Article and Code for Project Server 2010

Because there have been several recent changes in the post-beta version of Project Server 2010 and Office SharePoint Server 2010, the article How to: Use Impersonation with WCF in the January 2010 release of the SDK is not correct for the 4730.1010 and later builds of Project Server. The article in the March 2010 release…


Project 2010 Beta – Virtual Image

We have published the VM download on the following link yesterday So if you want to get started quickly – this is your option. It’s optimal to run it on machine with 8GB RAM, Solid State Drive is advised for good performance. Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-v is required. Please pay close attention…


Project 2010 SDK – January update

The  pre-release Project 2010 SDK is updated on MSDN. Post-beta builds of Project Server are changed for setting ASMX and WCF service references and using multi-authentication (where Windows and Forms are both used) with Claims. These issues do not affect the Project Server 2010 beta release.New topic:How to: Use Impersonation with WCF  (see note at bottom for Claims)Topics with major updates:Project…


In Project 2010 PWA gets renamed to PWA. No kidding :)

Everyone – you may have seen this post from Heather. In Project 2010 PWA stands for Project Web App – we change the name to maintain consistency with other Office 2010 Web Apps and to reflect the increasingly rich feature set included with PWA beyond simply accessing data.


Project 2010 Customization and Programming Forum just launched!

Project 2010 Customization and Programming Discuss customizations and programming for Project Web Access 2010, Project Server 2010, Project Professional 2010 and Project Standard 2010. Includes User Interface (UI) customizations, Project Server Interface (PSI) and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Programming.   All available Project 2010 forums are here –,projectprofessional2010/.


SharePoint 2010: Professional Developer Evaluation Guide and Walkthroughs

Hi everyone – in the Project 2010 blog posts, WebCasts, presentations and seminars we stress on how SharePoint is important for Project 2010 – not only for IT professionals, but especially for developers – YOU. This is a great resource that SharePoint has put together, if you have not seen yet, worth looking!