Technical Resources on Workflow/Demand Management in Project Server 2010


This blog entry is designed to try and capture all of the different pieces of information that exists right now regarding workflows in Project Server 2010.  Based on the feedback we are in process of creating a dedicated “Demand Management” resource center on Microsoft TechNet that will became the “one-stop” shop for all your technical and developer resources for Demand Management, including Workflows in Project 2010.


Demand Management in Project Server 2010


Developing Project Server Workflows:

Out of the Box Sample Workflow Source Code:

Download the SDK: and find the source code in the “Samples\Workflow\SampleProposal2” directory

Sharepoint Office Task Class:

Using InfoPath Forms in a Workflow:


Introduction to Demand Management:

End User level Walkthrough of the Out of the Box Sample Workflow:

How to use the Skip to Stage Feature:

Debugging a Project Server Workflow in Visual Studio 2010

Solution Starters (Open Source Solution Starters)

 Microsoft Project 2010 Solution Starters

Recorded Videos:

Demand Management Overview:

Workflow Deep Dive:


Demand Management Overview:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Workflow Deep Dive:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Tailored Tools for Workflow Creation:

Project Forum:,projectprofessional2010/

Project Server 2010 Demonstration Virtual Machine Image Download:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Demand Management (white paper)

Comments (1)

  1. barryh says:


    Thanks for all the info, especially the webcasts.

    Unfortunately the Workflow Deep Dive Part 2 appears to have been poorly encoded and it is impossible to read the text of your walkthrough with Visual Studio.

    Would it be possible to get my hands on a higher quality video?

    We are really interested in starting developing with Project Server workflows and we would appreciate any help you would have to offer. In the current state the video is very difficult to follow as the text is illegible.



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