Project 2010 Beta Virtual Lab is available as hosted experience in your browser!

Dear all, please let me share few important resources regarding Project 2010 Beta –

Preconfigured Demo Virtual Image of Project 2010 Beta

Hosted “Virtual Lab”

   – This Virtual Lab is the same version of the below downloadable image, but available as hosted experience directly in your Internet Explorer. Please click here to proceed.

   – Please pay close attention to System Requirements – especially if you are in a corporate environment behind firewall!

Download (requires 64bit OS and Hyper-v)

   – Download includes requirements, demo script and setup instructions – proceed here.

   – Please pay close attention to Setting up the Host Machine document as it includes important steps to restore the Virtual Machine and get going!

   – For optimal performance we recommend 8GB RAM and Solid State Drive (SSD) for your host machine.

Project Server 2010 Beta – including download

   – Information and download here.

Project Professional 2010 Beta – including download

   – Information and download here.

Additional Project 2010 Beta resources

– Product information


    – Project Team Blog

Videos & Project Conference sessions


IT Professional related

    -  TechCenter @ TechNet

    – Admin Blog

Developer related

   – Developer center @ MSDN

   – Programmability blog

Additional questions? Project 2010 Forums!


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