Importing SharePoint List Data into Project Server 2007 Custom Fields

Check this out - by Stephen C. Sanderlin, MSProjectExperts. Awesome real-world project article, extensive sample code!


If you are heading to Project Conference – Steve has a 3 sessions about PSI – they span from 200 to 400 level. Worth attending…

DEVDM 200: Project Server Programmability Overview

Speaker(s):  Stephen Sanderlin, MSProjectExperts | 200 - Intermediate Level
This session will provide an overview of the Project Server Interface (PSI) and the Reporting Database (RDB), along with discussions concerning their capabilities, usage, and limitations. This session seeks to build a foundational understanding of these components for the new Project Server developer.

DEVDM 303: Best Practices: Consuming the PSI

Speaker(s):  Stephen Sanderlin, MSProjectExperts | 300 - Experienced Level
The Project Server Interface (PSI) contains a wealth of functionality spread across numerous components. Developers who are new to Project Server often find the sheer complexity and depth of the PSI to be extremely intimidating. In this session, we will show you how to build a basic PSI consumer application and provide some best practices. This session seeks to increase the new developer’s comfort level with the PSI.

DEVDM 401: Building a PSI Wrapper for Application Integration

Speaker(s):  Stephen Sanderlin, MSProjectExperts | 400 - Advanced/Expert Level
When developing an interface between Project Server and an external Line of Business (LoB) application, the depth and complexity of the Project Server Interface (PSI) can present a whole host of issues. One of the most challenging issues is the substantial effort required for a developer that is unfamiliar with Project Server to gain solid experience and comfort with the PSI. One possible approach is to assign a small team to encapsulate the PSI interactions inside of a custom API. In this session, we will demonstrate and discuss various strategies and best practices for PSI encapsulation.

See you at Project Conference!


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