Project Server 2007 Report Pack II – "The Top Reports"

We are proud to announce that the  Project Server 2007 Report Pack II - "The Top Reports" a collection of best practices reports for SQL Server Reporting Services is available on MSDN Code Gallery.

Project Server 2007 Report Pack II - "The Top Reports"

This Project Server 2007 Report Pack II - "The Top Reports" addresses questions "what" reports to run in your Project Server 2007 environment and "why". It comprises of 40 reports divided into Management and Governance sections. The pack was designed by top Microsoft Consultants who deploy and enhance the Enterprise Project Management Solution (EPM) for individual customers and thus contains very valuable know-how that they have collected over the years.

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Other available solutions for Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution

MSDN Code Gallery

MSDN Code Gallery solutions


Project Server 2007 Sample Databases

Project Server 2007 sample databases. The zip contains the following five databases: * Archive * Draft * Published * Reporting * Content

EPM 2007 Project Updater InfoPath Form

A web-enabled InfoPath 2007 Form using Project Server 2007 PSI .Net web services. The form allows project managers to easily mark tasks as complete in a sequential, process-like project plan…

Solution Connector for Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007

The Solution Connector is an ASP.NET web service and .NET class library which provides a set of methods for programmatically creating, updating or deleting projects and their attributes in …

Building an AJAX Web Part for Microsoft Office Project Server 2007

This sample contains a Project Server 2007 PSI Extension that retrieves geo data based on a custom field, and then the main feature is an AJAX Web Part that uses Virtual Earth to display the …

Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 PSI Extension Generator

PSI Extensions are custom web services that execute within the Project Server Interface infrastructure, sharing the same security context as other PSI web services. PSI Extensions can be very …

Project Server 2007 Migration Rename Tool

During a Project Server 2003 to Project Server 2007 migration, projects have "_Published" appended at the end of their name. This tool will enable you to "bulk" rename all projects and removed …

Project Server 2007 Lookup Table Update Control

Out of the box you cannot enforce control updates of specific lookup tables in Project Server 2007. This code sample leverages the standard Project Server interface API to limit who and what…

Microsoft Project Fx (mPfx) for Microsoft Project 2007

Microsoft® Office Project 2007 (Microsoft Project) underscores Microsoft’s continued commitment to developers concerned with creating robust planning and scheduling tools for organizations with…

Project Server Interface 101 Development Samples

10 samples of how to do 101-level PSI development tasks

Project Server 2007 Performance Lab Kit

The Project Server 2007 Performance Lab Kit contains two Visual Studio solutions/tools to help you test your farm environment for capacity planning purposes: the “EPMTestTools” and the “EPM Stress …

Project Server 2007 Report Pack II - "The Top Reports"

The Project Server 2007 Report Pack II - published in August 2009 - provides reports that can be run in your EPM environment and enable easier access to EPM information that organization can …


CodePlex EPM solutions


Project Server 2007 Timesheet & Statusing Customization Samples

Code samples that demonstrate how EPM (Project Server) 2007 Timesheet and Statusing functionalities could be customized using custom event handlers and Project Server Interface calls. These samples leverage the Timesheeting and Statusing API documented in the EPM 2007 SDK

Project Server 2007 VSTS Connector

Connector solution for Project Server 2007 and Team Foundation Server

Project Server 2007 Timesheet Tied-Mode Service and Event Handler

This project is used with Microsoft Project Server 2007. It consists of an NT service, an event handler, a test app and installer. The event handler is fired when a tiemsheet is saved. The handler saves the timesheet info in a SQL table. The NT service (TSAutoStatus) polls...

EPMSync Utility

Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 (Project Server) and Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 (Portfolio Server) integrate via the Portfolio Server gateway. Data is exchanged by running either an import or an export from Portfolio Server. But this exchange is done...

Project Server 2007 Test Data Population Tool

The EPM (Project Server) 2007 Test Data Population Tool enables you to load large amounts of EPM data: resources, projects, tasks, assignments into a Project Server 2007 database. You can then use this data to test loads and help your organization plan for your Project Server 2

Project Server 2007 Queue Watch Tool

The Project Server 2007 Queue Watch Tool will help you monitor all queue activities for a specific Project Web Access (PWA) instance. This tool leverages the standard Project Server Interface publically documented web services to query and retrieve jobs in the Project Server ...

Project Server 2007 Log File Report Tool

The Project Server 2007 Log File Report Tool enables the import and the reporting of log file generated by your EPM & SharePoint farm. The Log File Report Tool will import log files (in an SQL database) from all servers in your farm with the ability to filter them by date. O...

Project Server and InfoPath 2007

This solution starter demonstrates how to leverage InfoPath and Forms Services as well Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) hosted by SharePoint to create your own project initiation phase. The project initiation phase is different for every customers and organizations. It typic...

EPM Custom Fields Copy

The principal function of this project is to provide Project Server 2007 custom fields and lookuptables migration from development environment to production environment, using some PSI methods. I want to increase my inicial project, adding more funcionallities and solve some ...

Project Server 2007 Timesheet data population tool

The Project Server 2007 Timesheet Data Population Tool enables you to simulate timesheet entries in your farm. This tool can help you perform scalability studies of your PS architecture and validate the sizing of an existing architecture (by measuring timesheet queue throughpu...

Search Project Server data using SharePoint Server's BDC and Enterprise Search

Search Project Server data using SharePoint Server's BDC and Enterprise Search

Project Reportcard

The Project Reportcard was developed as a tool to help Project Managers assess their projects based on organizational standards implemented by their PMO. Understanding what the organizational KPIs are going to look like before their project update is published, can help a pro...

Project Server 2007 Auditing Solution Starter

EPM Auditing makes it easier to auditing and debug Projec Server 2007 activities. You can audit multiple activities and output them to multiple sources. It's developed in C#.

Project Server Workspace Sync

This tool works with Project Server. It is a very simple tool that iterates over the list of Project Workspaces and triggers user sync for the members in the WSS site and triggers the sync for issue, risks and deliverables with the reporting database.

Earned Value Add-In

The Earned Value Add-In has been developed as a tool to help project managers assess and visualize projects using earned value analysis.

Project Server 2007 AD/Resource Sync Utility

Demonstrates how to sync additional AD fields to resource custom fields for Project Server 2007.

Persisting SSAS OLAP Roles In Project Server 2007

During the standard Cube Building process in Project Server 2007, any manually added OLAP Roles in an OLAP database are deleted. The Cube building creates a default Role ProjectServerViewOlapDataRole that automatically adds all the Project Server users to this Role. This customiz

Project Server 2007 Bulk Edit

The purpose of this project is to allow the bulk edit of resource data. With large numbers of resources Resource Center can take a long time to load, primarily due to the security checks required. This tool goes directly against the Project Server Reporting store to pull back t

Project Server 2007 Event Handler Admin Tool

This project contains code demonstrating how to use the PSI to add and remove event handler associations for Project Server 2007. Instead of displaying all possible event handlers like the PWA admin screens, this tool uses reflection to show only the implemented handlers and all

Project 2007 Test Framework

Controller/client test framework can be used to test any assembly or .exe with and object model (any MS Office app).

Project Server 2007 Timesheet AutoStatus Plus

Project Server 2007 Timesheet AutoStatus Plus is a major rewrite of Christophe Fiessinger's EPM tied-mode work. Planned enhancements are: multiple instance support, farm support, and elimination of the Windows Service in favor of a SharePoint Timer Job.

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