Project Server 2007 Timesheet Data Population Tool

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The Project Server 2007 timesheet data population tool has been released on CodePlex:

The Project Server 2007 Timesheet Data Population Tool enables you to simulate timesheet entries in your farm. This tool can help you perform scalability studies of your PS architecture and validate the sizing of an existing architecture (by measuring timesheet queue throughput for instance). This tool can also be used to test timesheet customization, for instance the Timesheet Tied-mode code sample on Codeplex. This powerful tool should not be run a production environment!

The Timesheet Data Population tool is a console application written in C#.  It uses standard PSI (Project Server Interface) web service methods to populate timesheets.

Please refer to the latest version of the Project Server Software Development Kit (SDK) for more information on the PSI methods and how to use them.

This solution starter was written initially to perform Project Server 2003 vs. Project Server 2007 benchmarks, and has been used since to perform scalability studies and to test timesheet customizations.

A special thank you to Isabel Bernardos and Steven Haden for helping me write and test the tool during PS 2007 scalability studies for large European customers. 

If you are aware of any useful tools/solutions for Project and Portfolio Server 2007 and you would like to share them with the community via CodePlex please send me an email.

About CodePlex

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Q: Is the tool supported?

A: There is no support in terms of CSS/PSS. We expect the support being a CodePlex community effort. Please note that the customization code uses standard supported web service calls available out of the box in EPM2007.

Q: Is the tool free?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I distribute the tool and the source code to customers and partners?

A: Customers and Partners can use both. Please go to CodePlex to agree on the license terms

Q: Can a partner distribute the tool and code as is?

A: No, but partners can point their customer to the website to download it.

Q: Can a customer install the customization and use it?

A: Yes the customer can, but he/she is responsible for testing it and running it.

Q: Can I suggest changes to it?

A: Yes, join the CodePlex community or send us an email:

Q: Will this tool be distributed in other ways (i.e. DVDs)?

A: No.

Q: What skills do I need to modify or change the tool?

A: C#, Project Server Interface, and a good understanding of the EPM 2007 data schema.

Q: I’m trying to modify the code and do have questions. Who do I ask?

A: Go to the Discussions forums on CodePlex.

Q: What are all the EPM projects released on CodePlex?

A. Check this:


Christophe Fiessinger

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