Tied Mode between Timesheet & My Tasks

We have published today an EPM 2007 solution starter that introduces Tied Mode between Timesheet & My Tasks on CodePlex: http://www.codeplex.com/EPMTSST

MWSnap024 2007-11-15, 16_16_05.jpg

Project Server 2007 provides for full separation between the project-focused My Tasks “Statusing” functionality and the time-period-focused Timesheet functionality, together with the ability to manually import data from one set of functionality to the other to keep them synchronized.

This solution attempts to address this frustration by treating the timesheet system as the master system and attempting to synchronize the data into the My Tasks functionality (including task approvals) whenever a timesheet is saved (similar to Project Server 2003 integrated (“Tied”) timesheet and statusing functionality).

This solution starter includes a 18 pages document as well as source code and a compiled DLL ready to deploy and test.

A special thank you to Julie Ripoteau and Olivier Laymand from MCS France for testing the code extensively, as well as Patrick Conlan and Chris Boyd from the Product Group for reviewing the code and documentation. 

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