Writing and Debugging Event Handlers for Project Server 2007

Another Visual How-to for Project development is published on MSDN: Writing and Debugging Event Handlers for Project Server 2007


In less than 12 minutes, the video shows the development, testing, and debugging of a simple event handler for publishing projects. The OnPublishing event handler cancels publishing if the project name does not satisfy a specified condition, and then logs an application event on the server. The video shows the use of Visual Basic code; the related article includes both Visual Basic and C# code.


The Visual How-to is based on the Project SDK article, How to: Write and Debug a Project Server Event Handler.

Comments (1)

  1. RoyG says:


    Following the article we have developed an event handler to handle the Checkin and the OnPublished events. It works fine on a single Project Server, but when deployed to a different architecture (3 different machines each holding different parts of the Project server) the evnts are not caught. We have deployed it to the machine that has the "Microsoft Office Project Server Events Service" installed.

    The architecture is recommended by Microsoft to improve performance.


    Roy G

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