EPMsync Tool Released to CodePlex

Boris Scholl has just passed along this great news: 


After months of development we have published the EPM sync tool on CodePlex for other customers and Partners to try out for themselvesGiven the complexities of the integration, we expect partners to develop solution offerings based on this tool.


Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 (Project Server) and Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 (Portfolio Server) integrate via the Portfolio Server gateway. Data is exchanged by running either an import or an export from Portfolio Server. But this exchange is done in bulk and typically batched. There is a desire to have a more granular experience in near real-time. The EPMSync Solution Accelerator is a proposed solution to this problem. The EPMSync Solution Accelerator synchronizes Portfolio Server attributes with Project Server custom fields (and a set of project level built-in fields). The solution is made up of a Windows Service and a number of supporting applications.



About CodePlex

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Q: Is the tool supported?

A: There is no support in terms of CSS/PSS. We expect the support being a CodePlex community effort.


Q: Is the tool for free?

A: Yes it is.


Q: Can I distribute the tool and the source code to customers and partners.

A: Customers and Partners can use both. Please point them to the website as they have to agree on the license terms


Q: Can a Partner distribute the tool and code as is?

A: No, but he can point his customer to the website to download it, so he makes sure that the customer agrees with the license terms.


Q: Technically can a customer just install and use it?

A: Yes the customer can, but the customer is responsible for testing it and running it.


Q: Can I suggest changes to it?

A: Yes, join the CodePlex community or send us an email: epmssdev@microsoft.com


Q: Will this tool be distributed in other ways (i.e DVDs)

A: Nope


Q: What skills do I need to modify or change the tool?

A: .NET 2.0, C#, T-SQL, PSI


Q: I’m trying to modify the code and do have questions. Who do I ask?

A: Go to the EPMsync discussion forum on CodePlex.



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