New Technical Article: "Importing Project 2007 Tasks from Excel Using a Managed Code Add-In"

Jim has just posted a new technical article. Here are some details he sent me: 


The article "Importing Project 2007 Tasks from Excel Using a Managed Code Add-In" is now published in the Technical Articles section of the Project 2007 SDK.


Article URL: 


Associated download: 


The article:

  -- Explains how to develop a Project add-in that integrates with Excel, using Visual Studio 2008

  -- Summarizes the differences between C# and VB development for add-ins

  -- Includes extensive C# and Visual Basic code examples

  -- Explains examples of routines that validate and convert subsets of Excel task data for import

  -- Handles multiple task predecessors

  -- Shows a way to handle task predecessors that would create COM exceptions
  -- Shows how to configure ClickOnce for deployment of the add-in


The download includes the complete C# and Visual Basic.NET code. Visual Studio Tools for Office (3.0), in Visual Studio 2008 (Beta 2), now includes templates for Project 2003 and Project 2007 add-ins. The new templates and ClickOnce publishing make it *much* easier to develop, deploy, and update add-ins for all Office applications.


You can download the Beta 2 release of Visual Studio 2008 from

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