April update of the Project 2007 SDK is now available on MSDN

The April update of the SDK is now available on MSDN. It includes many final versions of articles that have been published as posts on this blog.  

·         SDK Download: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=2672F6F9-7028-4B30-99A2-18CB1EED1ABE&displaylang=en .
The pj12ProjectSDK.exe download includes (new and updated items in blue bold):

o   pjSDK2007.chm (conceptual topics and managed code reference – the same topics as on the MSDN online library)

o   pj12ReportingDB.chm (Reporting database schema reference and Visio diagrams)

    • OLAPCubeSchemas.xls (dimensions, measures, and properties of the Project Server OLAP cubes)

    • XML data interchange schema for Project 2007 (mspdi_pj12.xsd plus supplemental schemas for enterprise custom fields)

    • Statusing schemas (ChangeList.xsd and SetAssignmentWorkData.xsd)

    • Project Portfolio Server 2007 Database Reference (AccountData and AccountIndex)

    • Redistribution license for the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.dll

    • SDK code samples:

      1. ChangeXML Utility: generate, validate, and test ChangeXML parameters for the UpdateStatus method

      2. Custom Web Parts: two samples; one uses the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.PWA.dll assembly, and one does not

      3. Impersonation: two samples; a simple console application and the Impersonation Web Application

      4. Login Demo

      5. OLP Example

      6. Project Guide: default Project Guide files, and the sample Critical Path custom Project Guide updated for Project 2007

      7. Project Workspace

      8. ProjTool: a sample application to help generate data and test many of the PSI methods

      9. PSI Extensions: develop and test a custom PSI Web service

      10. Report Pack: seven sample reports using SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 (SP1)

      11. Test Event Handler

  • SDK Online: Project 2007 SDK in MSDN online library: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms512767.aspx

    • Object Model Maps: The Project 2007 VBA Reference was also recently posted on MSDN, along with four pages of the new Project object model maps. For example, click any object in Application and Projects Object Map to go to the topic for that object. You can also see the object model maps in VBA Help when you use Project Standard or Project Professional. In the Project Help window, click the Connection Status menu at the lower right, and then select Show content from Office Online.

  • Portal:  Project Developer Portal in the Office Developer Center on MSDN includes links to the Project 2007 SDK,  Project 2007 blogs, as well as the Project 2003 SDK.


What’s new in pjSDK2007.chm and the online SDK:


In addition to new code samples and schemas in the download, the April update of the SDK includes 97 conceptual topics (28 new since the RTM release) and many updates in the managed code reference topics. Major new and updated conceptual topics include the following:

·         XML Schema References for Project (15 topics; includes the ChangeList Schema Reference)

·         Changes for Custom Project Guides 

·         Custom Fields in OLAP Cubes (in the Local and Enterprise Custom Fields topic)

·         How to: Generate ChangeXML for Statusing Updates

·         Project Server Report Pack (9 topics)

·         Walkthrough: Creating a PSI Extension 

·         Walkthrough: Develop an Impersonation Web Application


Other updates include enumeration descriptions, PSI method permissions, TimesheetDataSet properties, and a VBA sample for Project Deliverables.


For related content, see the Office Developer Centers,  SharePoint Developer Center, and the SharePoint Server 2007 Developer Portal.

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