Getting your Custom Project Guide to work in Project 2007

Happy Holidays! This post is from Nada Alwarid, a co-worker that is responsible for the project guide:

In Project 2007, class IDs have changed.  Because of that, your custom Project Guide solutions cannot work until you update those class ID’s.  In this post, I’ll outline what those changes are so you can get your custom solution working.

We have objects declared like this:

<object id="TextConv"



      style="display: none">TextConv failed to load!


The id of the object is not important, its only used for referencing it within the HTML or Jscript code. The important part is the classID. It is used to actually look up that object in the list of ActiveX objects registered with the OS and load it.

These IDs have changed from Project 2003 to Project 2007.

The mapping from Project 2003 to Project 2007 is:

Object Name

Project 2003 Class ID

Project 2007 Class ID

Text Converter



Document Event Object



Application Event Object







Also, you can download the default Project Guide files that has been attached to this post.


Comments (1)

  1. vybez says:

    I changed the classIDs in my project guide, and replaced my default project guide files with the ones I downloaded from here but it still doesn’t work in 2007.

    Is there something I’m doing wrong or something else I need to change or add?

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