Agile Custom Project Guide

In 2003, we released an Agile custom Project Guide, based on MSF for Agile Software Development methodology (which is scenarios driven , context based, Agile software development process).  We have been able to get it working for Project 2007 as well.  The Agile Project Guide allows the project manager to easily implement the Agile methodology for their projects, by outlining the Agile process and offering templates for process documentation.

The Agile Project Guide integrates with Microsoft Office Project 2007 in order to manipulate tasks within the project plan itself and provides context sensitive task/resource information in the project guide panel.


Here is what you need to do to get the Agile custom Project Guide working:

1.      Download the attached zip file that contains the Agile Custom Project Guide files to your local machine

2.      Launch Project 2007 client,

3.      Enable the Project Guide from the View menu or just go to Tools | Options | Interface and select the “Display Project Guide” checkbox

From the Tools | Options menu | Interface tab

4.      Select the “Use a custom page” radio button (from the “Project Guide Functionality and Layout Page:” section)

a.      Click the Browse button and point to the mainpage.htm file, in the Agile Project Guide folder you’ve copied locally in step 1

5.      Select the “Use custom content” radio button (from the “Project Guide Content:” section)

a.      Click the Browse button and point to the AgileGuide.xml file, in the Agile Project Guide folder you’ve copied locally in step 1

6.      Click Ok on the main dialog

7.      You should now see the Agile Custom Project Guide






Due to the size of the Zip file, I need to split the file into two. This post has the first file. I will do a second post that will have the second file attached.


Agile Project

Comments (7)

  1. binkybink says:

    Hi, really want to use this, it looks great, but everytime i try and unzip the file i’m told it’s invalid or corrupted.

    i’m on xp.

    thanks so much for making this.

  2. Eric says:

    Where can i find the second zip file . I want to use Scrum into Ms project 2007

  3. Jan Kalis says:

    Thanks for your interest – this is what is currently available…/scrum-scrum-scrum-solution-starter-for-project-2010.aspx Thanks Jan

  4. Tina Sz says:

    Thank you for posting this. I'm looking forward to using it. Do you have the second zip file available?

  5. Jim Corbin says:

    For the Project 2010 Scrum Solution Starter, the July 17, 2011 update of and files are available in…/ProjectReleases.aspx.

    See also the discussion page for the solution starter.

  6. LT says:

    Very nice – thank you for doing this!

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