Agile Custom Project Guide

In 2003, we released an Agile custom Project Guide, based on MSF for Agile Software Development methodology (which is scenarios driven , context based, Agile software development process).  We have been able to get it working for Project 2007 as well.  The Agile Project Guide allows the project manager to easily implement the Agile methodology…


Getting your Custom Project Guide to work in Project 2007

Happy Holidays! This post is from Nada Alwarid, a co-worker that is responsible for the project guide: In Project 2007, class IDs have changed.  Because of that, your custom Project Guide solutions cannot work until you update those class ID’s.  In this post, I’ll outline what those changes are so you can get your custom…


An Impersonation Web Application

Jim Corbin has passed along this great post: When you impersonate a user in an application for Project Server 2007, you adopt the global and category permissions of the impersonated user. This article shows how to develop a Web application for Project Server that uses impersonation. The attached file includes a complete Web application that…


The MSDN WIKI is available for the Project 2007 SDK

Do you have something you’d like to see added or corrected in the Project 2007 SDK? Now you can add or edit Community Content on any page of the online SDK; all you need is a Microsoft Passport account.   For example, the following pages have Community Content: ·         How to: Calculate Resource Availability in…


Adding a Web Reference to the PSI in the RTM Build

With the RTM build of Project Server, you may run into the following issue, where you are unable to add the Web Reference to the PSI: The workaround is to click on the “Service Description” link. This will allow you to add the Web Reference to your project. Chris


Reporting Database Diagrams

A number of people have asked for entity-relationship diagrams of the Reporting database (RDB) for Project Server 2007. The attached file contains RDB Schema.vsd,a Microsoft Office Visio file with the main tables and views that most people use to make reports. The diagram pages are formatted for Tabloid (B)-size paper, 11 x 17 inches….


Using the Reporting Database and Excel – Part 2

This is a continuation from my previous post. In this post, I will be illustrating how someone can import data from the Project reporting database from a SQL query. To began, we will need to open up Excel. The first step is to create a connection to the Project reporting database: 1.       Click on the…