The Microsoft Office Project 2007 SDK

The Microsoft Office Project 2007 SDK has been published to MSDN:

The down load version should be available in the next few days. I will post a link once is becomes available.

Though this is the RTM release of the SDK, we will be continually updating the SDK though out the life of the product. One source of SDK articles is this blog. So, if you have samples you would like see posted, please comment with your suggestions.

Chris Boyd

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  1. danielzitter says:

    Hi Cris,

    I need some help with the out of the box project center web parts.

    I need to increase the height of the Project Center web part from MSP 2007.

    I am able to change the height, decreasing is possible, but when I increase the height I reach a limit that after that size, the web part doesn’t grow any more.

    A related issue is the modification of any project view that can be reached from the project center – we want to alter the height of the web part in these pages as well, and since these are ASP .net pages, I cannot modify the size.

    As I understand it, this can not be done with the out of the box capability – can I change this using code?



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