Task Statusing and the new Grid

A few weeks back Patrick Conlan posted an overview of some of the Time Tracking investment areas for Project Server 2010. Today we are going to drill in on one such investment area, namely the Statusing feature area. This screenshots used for this example are taken from a post-Beta Build of Project Server 2010, so…

Tips and Tricks: Modify the baseline in Project 2007

Change is inevitable. Adding new tasks to a project that has already been approved and baselined can be troublesome—to you and stakeholders. But don’t fret. You don’t need to set a new baseline to take into account the new tasks. Just update the old baseline. To modify the baseline that has already been set, do…


Ask a Project PM: Timesheets and Task Status

Thanks all for your insightful questions on timesheets and task status in Project Server 2007! Project PM Patrick Conlan has some answers for you in this video:Ask a Project PM: Timesheets and Task Status Many thanks to Patrick for a well-versed interview. Watch for another topic next week!


Ask a Project PM: Got questions about timesheets or task status?

This month, I’ll be interviewing Project PM Patrick Conlan about timesheets and task statusing in Project Server 2007. I know there are a ton of questions out there in this area…this is your opportunity to get those questions answered! I’ll be doing the interview during the week of the 19th, so keep your questions coming…


Back to Basics: Reporting your status

Here’s the scenario: you’re a team member assigned to some tasks, and (surprise surprise) your manager would like you to provide a status update. What’s more is he wants it done through Project Web Access. You panic a little, maybe break out into cold sweats, can’t sleep a wink, yada yada. Well first of all,…