Microsoft Project Conference 2012 Session Recordings Are Live!

Today we’re excited to share all session recordings from Project Conference 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona with the greater Project community. Over 1250 people from 44 countries made the trip–75% for the very first time. The week featured 94 handpicked sessions with 20 delivered by customers eager to share their experiences. Many sessions were standing room only…


Visual Reports – Where Did My Field Go?

One of the more common questions I get around Visual Reports is “I selected a field (% complete, duration, some text custom field, etc.) to add to my report and it doesn’t show up in Excel – why isn’t it there?”. The field probably is there, it just is in a different spot. Visual Reports…


How do You Report?

Project wants to know how you report. As we plan for future product improvements, we want to learn more about how you report on your project’s status today. · What tools do you use? · How often do you report on your project’s status? · What data do you care about? · How do you…


Project 2010: Business Intelligence Overview

This post will provide an overview of the Business Intelligence (BI) investments that were made in Microsoft Project Server 2010. A Brief History In Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, the focus for reporting was on infrastructure, where we provided the infrastructure to make accessible reporting data available.  The new reporting database allowed you to more…


Tips and Tricks: Modify the baseline in Project 2007

Change is inevitable. Adding new tasks to a project that has already been approved and baselined can be troublesome—to you and stakeholders. But don’t fret. You don’t need to set a new baseline to take into account the new tasks. Just update the old baseline. To modify the baseline that has already been set, do…


Ask a Project PM: Client Reporting

This month, Project PM Heather O’Cull answers some common questions about reporting in the Project 2007 client. She offers some great troubleshooting tips, and walks through the process of creating a burndown report. (Want more info about creating a burndown report? Check out her earlier blog post on the subject!)Ask a Project PM: Client Reporting


Ask a Project PM: And the next topic is…client reporting!

Last month’s video interview with Project PM Bonny Lau went really well, thanks in part to your thoughtful questions! This month, we’ll be tackling client reporting with Heather O’Cull. Here’s your chance to ask any questions you have about visual reports, basic reports, customizing reports, or anything even remotely report-related on the client. Post your questions…


Project Server 2007 Report Pack II – “The Top Reports”

Passing along some great info…Report Pack II for Project Server 2007 has been released! This is great news because it addresses A) WHAT reports you should run in your Project Server 2007 environment, and B) WHY you should run them. It includes 40 Management and Governance reports, designed by top Microsoft consultants who deploy and…


Project Server + PerformancePoint Server

“How to Leverage Project Server 2007 with PPS 2007 Monitoring and Analytics,” is a new white paper just published by Microsoft that demonstrates how anyone running both Office Project Server 2007 and Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 can use the two BI applications together to improve their organization’s business model. Interested? This white paper is available…


Group By, It’s Great!

We have something called SQM data that tells us how many clicks each feature in Project gets and in my opinion Group By is one of the most underused features in Project.  It only gets .1% of all clicks and is one of the most powerful features in Project  (think you know the top 5…