Ask a Project PM: Timesheets and Task Status

Thanks all for your insightful questions on timesheets and task status in Project Server 2007! Project PM Patrick Conlan has some answers for you in this video:Ask a Project PM: Timesheets and Task Status Many thanks to Patrick for a well-versed interview. Watch for another topic next week!


Ask a Project PM: Got questions about timesheets or task status?

This month, I’ll be interviewing Project PM Patrick Conlan about timesheets and task statusing in Project Server 2007. I know there are a ton of questions out there in this area…this is your opportunity to get those questions answered! I’ll be doing the interview during the week of the 19th, so keep your questions coming…


Ask a Project PM: Client Reporting

This month, Project PM Heather O’Cull answers some common questions about reporting in the Project 2007 client. She offers some great troubleshooting tips, and walks through the process of creating a burndown report. (Want more info about creating a burndown report? Check out her earlier blog post on the subject!)Ask a Project PM: Client Reporting


Ask a Project PM: And the next topic is…client reporting!

Last month’s video interview with Project PM Bonny Lau went really well, thanks in part to your thoughtful questions! This month, we’ll be tackling client reporting with Heather O’Cull. Here’s your chance to ask any questions you have about visual reports, basic reports, customizing reports, or anything even remotely report-related on the client. Post your questions…


Video interview #1: Resource leveling

Alright, so several people have agreed that resource leveling is a hot topic. I’ve lined up an interview with Bonny Lau, a Project PM who has graciously agreed to answer your questions. That said, I need your questions! Add them as comments to this blog entry, and I’ll compile them for my interview with Bonnie….


I’m no Barbara Walters, but…

I’m getting ready to delve into the world of video interviews. Here’s the idea…we’ve got an amazing group of PMs for Project here that have a wealth of information floating around in their heads. I know there’s a great reader base on this blog, and I’m sure you all have a ton of questions you’d…