Help update for Project 2007

If the computer you use to work in the Microsoft Office Project 2007 client is connected to the Internet, you have already see the latest Help files. However, if you work in the Project 2007 client offline, you can download an update to the offline Help files, so that you have more current content. You…


New Help Content – October/November

Check out the new help content that has been added over the past few months. MSDN The Project 2007 Resource Center includes descriptions and links to three videos that were posted in October: · Timesheet Customizations for Project Server 2007 · Working with the Project Server 2007 Reporting Database · Visual Studio Team Foundation Server…


PM Boot Camp: Up to speed with Project 2007

If you’re new to Project 2007, or even new to project management in general, the Up to speed with Project 2007 video series might be the basic training you’re looking for. This six-part series covers the basic elements of project management and the Project 2007 interface, as well as how to start a new project,…


Back to Basics: Understanding resource leveling

Resource leveling is the act of taking a project with people assigned to a bunch of tasks, and making it so that they don’t have to work overtime. Okay, that might be oversimplifying it a little, but essentially that’s what you’re doing. Seriously, what’s resource leveling? Let’s back up a bit. So you’ve got a…


Get quick updates about Project content using Twitter!

The Project Help team is using Twitter to announce new and updated content, as well as other great resources. Check it out at! Not familiar with Twitter? First, create an account at, then go to and click Follow. That’s it! You can get updates through, a third-party tool such as Twitteroo,…


Team Member Quick Reference Guide

Roaming around Project Web Access just got a little easier for team members: the Quick Reference Guide is here! This guide is designed to assist team members (not just project managers) with using Project Web Access to report on the progress of project tasks, view task details, record vacation time, and view other project information….


New Help Content – August/September

Check out the new help content that has come out over the past month. GPS Assistance in Roadmapping an EPM Deployment: How do you create a roadmap for an EPM implementation? This is the latest white paper by Chris Vandersluis in the “From the Trenches – Deploying the EPM Solution in the Real World” column…


New Quick Reference Guide for Project Server

Project managers now have a new Quick Reference Guide to help them use Project Server 2007  This quick reference guide is designed to assist project managers with using Microsoft Office Project Web Access to view, analyze, and report on information, create proposals and activity plans, and to manage project resources. This Word template can be…


Infrastructure Update and Help Articles

The following Help articles have been updated to reflect changes included as part of the Infrastructure Update. Microsoft Office Project 2007: · Assign a resource to a task · Enter costs for resources · Overview of project cost information Microsoft Office Project Server 2007: · Create or modify a custom field · Managing jobs (events)…


Microsoft Project Infrastructure Update Webcast Slides

The slide deck with an overview of the Project and Project Server 2007 Infrastructure Update has been posted  on EPMConnect: A briefing on the released Project Infrastructure Update – the quality has just got even better  This 53 slide deck contains the following: Introduction Infrastructure Update Walkthrough Known Issues Deployment Best Practices The demo image…