Announcing The Release Of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010

Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Microsoft Project Standard 2010, Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and Microsoft Project Server 2010 has been released to the Microsoft Download Center. SP1 contains a number of products updates based on customer feedback, as described in this announcement last May:  Announcing Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Project & Project Server 2010.

Before you install SP1 it is essential that you understand its content described in the links below, and thoroughly read the guidance documented on TechNet and test out SP1 in a separate environment prior to a production rollout.

The following TechNet article provides information on how to deploy Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010 SP1: Deploy Service Pack 1 for Project Server 2010.

We strongly recommend that you deploy the June 2011 Cumulative Update for Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010 when you install SP1. You can download the June 2011 Cumulative Update from the KB Articles from the links below:

The following TechNet article provides information on how to deploy Project Server Cumulative Updates: Updates for Project Server 2010

There will be a webcast on July 6th, 2011 at 8:00 am Pacific Time to give an overview of this Service Pack (which will be recorded for later viewing): TechNet Webcast: Information about Project 2010 and Project Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (Level 200). Please check out these posts for additional SP1 production information: Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 Availability and Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 Products is Now Available for Download.

Finally,  our Microsoft Support Team is available to assist should you run into any problems installing these updates; feel free to follow your internal support guidelines to use Premier Support or open up a case directly at

Christophe Fiessinger
Senior Technical Product Manager, Microsoft Project
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Comments (13)

  1. Dear colleagues,

    I trust we'll have much more functionality to fulfill business needs for project management now.

    Thanks for the team doing great work!


  2. Dharmesh Patel says:

    This is great news, excellent work guys!

    Dharmesh Patel

  3. Danie says:

    Hi, i am assuming that you recommend for SP1 to be installed first and then the June 2011 CU?


  4. Danie yes, but they can be installed in either order.

  5. Faisal Masood says:

    Is there any SP1 related update for MS Project Professional 2007 running with Project Server 2010 in BCM mode?

    Do those cusotmers running BCM mode only need to deploy Project Server SP1 + June 2011 CU?


    Faisal Masood

  6. Faisal please deploy Project Server SP1 (and preferably June 2011 CU) + June 2011 CU (2007 client – not essential).  In BCM mode you will not get all of the feature updates of SP1. Please note that BCM is meant to be temporary until all desktop are upgraded to Project Professional 2010.

  7. Vytautas Pievaitis says:

    What if we do not install Jun CU at all, but just SP1?

    – What issues will be left unresolved? any system instability or what?


  8. Vytautas the system will run fine with SP1 only but since there are a number of important fixes in the June CU and since you will take downtime testing SP1 and deploying it we recommend doing it all at once to have the latest and greatest!

  9. Vince says:

    What version should the Project Server config DB show once the SP1 and June 2011 CU are installed?

  10. Dimitriy says:

    Hi, what about 2536586 (…/2536586)

    SP1+CU July11+HF(2536586) is it good?

  11. Faisal Masood says:


    June 2011 CU…/2536600 has been revised. It shows revision 3.0 dated 7/1/2011. The file version shows 14.0.6106.5001.

    The June 2011 hotfix…/2536586 dated 6/28/2011 shows file version 14.0.6106.5001.

    Since June CU has been revised, I would say just apply SP1 + June 2011 CU and not the hot fix. If you applied the previous release of June 2011 2011, then you might want to apply the June 2011 hotfix.

    Faisal Masood

  12. Daniel Bell says:

    Nice work Team,

    Looking forward to the additional functionality

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