Project 2010 SP1 – Enhancements to Sync to SharePoint Task List

Back in October of 2009, we introduced you to a new feature in Project Professional 2010 that allows you to synchronize tasks from a project file with a SharePoint task list called Sync to SharePoint (see the original post for details). One of the caveats of the feature was that you were limited to sync’ing manually scheduled tasks. Based on your feedback, we enabled synchronization of automatically scheduled tasks in Project 2010 SP1!

Let’s see how this works. Here’s the initial task list:


When you sync it to SharePoint you get the following. The tasks look manually scheduled here since essentially they are because SharePoint doesn’t have a scheduling engine like Project does.


So if you update Task1 to be on Thursday instead of Wednesday, the other tasks won’t move out in SharePoint even though they are linked:


But once you sync the task list back into the Project client, the schedule will get updated as one would expect:


If you aren’t familiar with manually scheduled tasks versus automatically scheduled tasks, see this post. You can learn more about Project 2010 SP1 here.

Thanks again for sending all the feedback and we hope that this update helps improve your SharePoint Sync’ing experience.

Comments (5)

  1. Mike N says:

    I am seeing an issue where a sync between Project and Sharepoint generates an alert for every task b/c the sync registers as a change for every task even if nothing actually changed.  Will this enhancement correct this?

  2. Jeff York says:

    After installing KB2510690 I get the following error when attempting to sync Project and SharePoint ""An unknown error has occurred while syncing to a SharePoint site. Ensure the SharePoint site is running and try again". If I uninstall the patch, everything works fine again…. Is anyone else having this problem? Help.

    Jeff York

  3. Karen says:

    It would be nice if a Task Name could include special characters: %, &, # etc.  My client uses these in there task names and now has to remove them.  What is the problem with these characters in the Task Name?

  4. You can have special symbols in task names. Are you sure they don't mean the resource names column? Not all special characters are supported here since some are reserved as the separator character and units designation.

  5. Don P says:

    Certain special characters (including /) are not allowed in task names. I've also had to change my Windows separator character from , to something else (I used 😉  in Control Panel->Settings->Regional and Languange->Additional Settings. Otherwise, SharePoint treats "Jones, Mary" as two separate resources and will not sync.

    I've also seen the 'unknown error' message that Jeff reported. And more recently, I've seen a new error that stops/prevents syncing: "Unable to synchronize the project with the SHarePoint tasks list because the name contains invalid characters…" My list name is simply 'test' and does not include any of the characters reported as invalid.

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