Project 2010 Service Pack Update

Some of you may have seen the recent Office blog post from the Microsoft Office sustained engineering team.  In that post, the Office and SharePoint teams disclosed that Service Pack 1 (SP1) will include some minor updates and should be expected in the usual time frame of 12 to 18 months after the products launched.

I wanted to let readers of this blog know that Project 2010 SP1 will also be a part of the same Service Pack.  In addition to some minor updates, SP1 will contain a rollup of the updates we post every two months here.  Our guidance is the same as the Office and SharePoint teams, those customers thinking of deploying Project 2010 should not wait for SP1 and should deploy now and see all the great benefits that customers like Marquette University and Amdocs are seeing.  You can see even more Project 2010 case studies here.

To get you started on Project 2010, check out the Project Server home page.

Arpan Shah
Director, Microsoft Project

Comments (18)

  1. Tom Gray says:

    Project 2010 has two major bugs that I have found so far:

    I cannot add columns

    I cannot add resources

  2. Can you provide more details? You should be able to do both in Project 2010. Also, our public forums are a good place to get help –…/threads

  3. Ken Wiens says:

    With custom reports under Project 2010, regardless of which custom report you select – you get a Gantt chart.  If you design your own custom report, and go through all the settings – you results is – a gantt chart.  I have tried this on a few different installations of project 2010 always with the same results.  What am I missing?

  4. VEER says:

    Project 2010 has two major bugs that I have found so far:  VEER

  5. Juergen says:

    There is one bug more that I found:

    Files which are saved as in 2000 – 2003 format are "corrupted". By opening this files with Project 2000, one column will be missed, start and end date is destroyed. Interesting thing by transering the file back to 2010 everything looks ok again. ;(((



  6. Kim Bouzaid says:

    Hi there, I have found a minor, but annoying bug. If I insert graphical indicators into my project file and for example use the green tick (which is how the indicator is displayed on screen in the project file), when I go to print preview it shows the green tick as a blue tick??? I've had other issues with my install which are slowly being resolved with our IT team, and am now unsure if this is normal behavious for MS Project 2010 or if there is still something wrong with my install.

    Please could you check this and confirm if this is just a bug or if there might be something else wrong.

    Many thanks.

  7. Peter Kestenholz says:

    Project Pro. and Std. 2010 works perfectly with or without the Project Server.

  8. Ken – This is a known issue. The workaround is to create a view that is similiar to your custom report and print that. If you give me the details about your report, I can help you out.

    Juergen – I haven't see this issue. Can you provide more information?

    Kim – This is a known issue. Nothing is wrong with your setup or printer.

  9. Andre says:


    I really like project 2010 – it has some great new features like the team planner. Unfortunately i also used a lot of custom reports in the last project version. They all seem not to work anymore, also creating a new custom report only ends up in displaying the current view you have choosen (as staated above).

    Then I tried what Heather suggested – created a view similiar to the one I used to have in a custom report. I'm missing one main feature in my custom view:

    The goal is to display all planned costs per ressources per month. At the end i should have a new row with the total of the costs per month in my project. At the moment i have all the cots per ressources but no total per month – so I manually have to summarize the costs of each ressource. This is nowhere as conventient as it was with a custom report.

    Is there any way? Thanks!


  10. r a l z o n says:

    I'm using the MS Project 2010 and I noticed that the font suddenly changed to a different font. How do I go about this?

  11. Hello Heather

    Could you help me create a view?

    I'd like to have the total costs per ressource per month / week / etc.. I have the Ressource table open, but I can't find a way to get the total of all costs per time over all ressources. In the last project version this could easily be achieved with a custom report.

    Now in Project 2010 there still is the custom reports bug which is a big showstopper in my opinion. Otherwise the products new features are truly great -> team planner and timeline!

    Thanks and best regards


  12. Andre – To create your report as a view go to the Resource Usage view. Right-click the right-side of the grid and select to show Cost instead of Work. Then insert the Project column on the left side. Click the little arrow in the Project column header and select group on this field. This should give you the report you are trying to create. If not, on this page click Email Blog Author and I can give you more detailed steps.

    Ralzon – can you provide more information?

  13. Sue Buck says:

    I have just downloaded service pack 1 for office but there is still no fix for ms project 2010 customised reports.  When are we likely to see this?  It is a major flaw with the product.  It means we can no longer create our own customised reports.

  14. Sue – can you double-check that you have Project SP1 installed? To verify, go to File – Help and check that the number is 14.0.6023.1000.

  15. Stuart says:

    I have SP1 installed and still have issues with custom reports. I can now produce them (unlike prior to SP1) but when trying to produce the Resource Usage (work) report – it shows the totals columns and rows but does not populate these. I've confirmed they are checked in the edit settings for the report. Any idea of a fix?

  16. Dan says:

    We just installed SP1 and are still having compatability issues with MS Project 2000-2003/2007. Any chance this will ever be addressed? This significant issue is keeping our team from moving to 2010, because our clients use 2007.



  17. Stuart – this report is working fine for me. I see the totals. If you want to contact me by clicking Email Blog Author we can try to figure out what's going on.

    Dan – can you elaborate on the issues you're seeing? If you are using manually scheduled tasks or inactive tasks, they aren't supported in earlier versions of Project.

  18. Imrane Akram says:

    Hi there

    Trying to install SP1 on windows 7 laptop.  It has worked fine on another laptop but refuses to install on this.


    1.New laptop with new build

    2.User administrator

    3.Installing using 'Run as administrator' option


    "Please wait while update detection is being run"

    Appears after first home page for SP1.  Then disappears.

    Any ideas ?

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