Help! Where’s the Help?

OK. I’ll admit it. Sometimes documentation for Project and Project Server isn’t always easy to locate. It tends to be spread out. And sometimes it can be difficult to determine if the Help documentation you’re reading is from an official site. Worse, some URL’s have changed, and some new locations have been created. Let me help you set the URLs (and your Favorites list) correctly.

Official Project Help sites

Product information From this site you can try and buy Project, reach our partner and user communities, compare Project versions, learn tips and tricks, learn from modules and exercises, and see Project in action with demos, customer success videos and stories.
Project desktop Help on Office Online Office Online contains Help for primarily the end user of Project and Office applications. Find Help articles, tutorials, and videos on basic Project functionality.
Project Web Access Help on Office Online Help for Project Web Access end users can be found on Office Online. Help for Project Server administrators, however, is on TechNet.
Project Server Help on TechNet TechNet is geared toward administrators of Project and Project Server.  Find technical articles on evaluating, planning, and deploying Project Server and other EPM solutions across your organization.  You can also explore troubleshoot resources and download the latest updates.
Project Developer Help on MSDN MSDN is for the Project and Project Server developer, as well as for all products that Microsoft supports.
Project forums: for IT Professionals
and for
end users.
There are two official Microsoft forum sites where you can have your questions answered by power users and Project MVPs: TechNet forums for IT Professionals and Answers forums for end users.
Tip   Make sure you set up e-mail alerts when you use these forums, so that you don’t miss any answers to your questions.
Project blog That’s what you’re reading, in case you weren’t sure if this page is “official.” Scroll down a bit to find additional blogging sites that Project users depend upon.
Project Videos on Office Online
and the Project Channel on
Microsoft Showcase
Sometimes videos are the best way to get a point across. Project was a wide selection.
Project Events and Webcasts Attend a World-Wide Project event, or view Project webcasts on TechNet and MSDN.


Less official (but useful) sources of Project information

Here are a few other places that have proven useful, even essential, for Project and project management.


Here are a few more blogs that should be an important part of your Project support:  

     Latest EPM News 
Project Programmability   
Project Support blog 
EPM Content Publishing News 
Dedicated to Project Partners
     MPUG Blog
     Microsoft Project Official MVP site 

Facebook There are a number of Facebook sites devoted to Project and project management. Here are a few:

     Project product page 
     Project management page 
     PMI page
YouTube YouTube has thousands of videos devoted to Project functionality. Use SlideShare to download useful Project reference guides and project management presentations.
LinkedIn The Project Users Group on LinkedIn is useful for networking with other project management professionals.

If you have other useful sites, let us know with a comment.

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  1. Mike Glen: Project MVP says:


    You might like to have a look at my free series for beginners on Microsoft Project in the TechTrax ezine, at this site:  or this:…/LPMFrame.asp

    FAQs, companion products and other useful Project information can be seen at this web address: <…/&gt;

  2. Toneys says:

    Thanks, Mike. I added the mvp link to the list. Toney

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