Tips and Tricks: Out with the old menus and in with the new ribbon

Can’t find your favorite Project 2007 menu commands on the new ribbon for Project 2010? Now you have a clever tool that maps the old menus with the new look. Click here, and then click the Project Guide. An interactive guide will start that displays Project 2007. Choose a command on any of the menus, and the guide will rotate to display Project 2010 and highlight where the command migrated to on the new ribbon.

Below shows what the experience is like when you click a command on the Project 2007 side of the tool.

 Project 2007


        Project 2010                                                       image


Comments (6)

  1. Mcp says:

    If I have been using "Office" since you started 80 what year?   90?  — and I can't use your product now because you have fouled it up and keep moving crap around…. Why don't you leave it the hell alone?   Why do I need a degree for every version you put out?   you guys are such asses

  2. Mike Glen (Project MVP) says:

    That's a neat trick, Toney – one for my records 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    Can you create offline version of this help for users in companys, who don`t have direct access to Internet from workplace?

  4. Learning Microsoft Project says:

    This project ribbon guide is very helpful for understanding controls in new version of Microsoft's project scheduling software  🙂

    Got to know about this guide at…/product-information.aspx

  5. user says:

    I would like to know how do I create a start-to-start (or finish-to-finish) link between tasks in Project 2010? In Project 2003 it was nice and easy but can it even be done in Project 2010, eventhough some guides claim that it can?

  6. You can create SS and FF links the same way as in 2003. In the predecessor, type of the id of the task and then SS or FF. Ex. 1SS, 3FF.

    Another way is to go to the Task Information dialog – Predecessors tab. There you can set the predecessor tasks and the type of link.

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