Microsoft Project 2010 Resources and Content – April 2010

The virtual launch of Project 2010, Project Server 2010,  Office 2010, and SharePoint 2010 is right around the corner on May 12th (wohoo!!!!).

In preparation for the launch, we’ve released tons of content to the web for all audiences. To find out about all the information available, check out Christophe’s post.

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  1. Chris Matthews says:

    When are we going to be able to get our hands on a RTM copy?

  2. Heather – I found something strange in the RC version. When you add slippage to a Gantt chart from the Format bar, is actually adds slack and not slippage.  Just thought you would like to know.

  3. I’m not seeing this issue in the RC or final version. Are you sure you don’t have slack checked too? Slippage shows up on the left side of the Gantt bar (the difference between the Baseline and the current dates) and slack shows up on the right side of the bar.

    If it is in the wrong place, can you check the bar styles definition for the slippage style?


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