How do You Report?

Project wants to know how you report. As we plan for future product improvements, we want to learn more about how you report on your project’s status today.

· What tools do you use?

· How often do you report on your project’s status?

· What data do you care about?

· How do you share your reports?

· What do you find difficult with your current process?

Please send any information you’d like to share to Screenshots of the reports you use are very useful too – feel free to blur out any confidential data. For example, we just care to see that your report contains late tasks, we don’t need to see the actual tasks that are late.

To learn more about Project 2010 reporting improvements, check out this post.

Comments (8)
  1. I’m so happy to hear that and I’ve just add it to my to-do list.

    By the way, isn’t it cool to have SPIt in Project?

  2. I report status on a weekly basis within Project 2002 with three breakdowns using custom filters.  Presently, I run each filter individually.  Even though the ‘Show related summary row’ is unchecked, summary rows are displayed (bug?).

    1. Completed

    2. In Progress

    3. To Start

    Further, it would be helpful if we can run multiple filters once, and show results in its respective section.

    Also, I am unable to suppress tasks currently in Splitsville (in-progress tasks on hold with a future resume date).  Would like to know if Project 2010 has this feature or there is a workaround.

  3. Hyder Zaidi says:

    We are using Power Point to report project progress [bi-weekly] to show following data.

    Project Manager

    Go-Live Date

    Milestone / Task Status during progress period along with its Health [using indicators]

    Active Issues / Active Risks

    and a graphical time graph of active quarter to represent the progress vs. Baseline work.

  4. Joe says:


    When i run a completed tasks report i get no data in the report even though there are completed tasks set to 100%… am i missing something ?



  5. How are you running the report – are you using the inbox reports, Visual Reports, etc.?

  6. Arlene says:

    It would be helpful to actually see the date for each task on the report.

  7. Jolie says:

    I need to report on variances – Work, Duration, Start, Finish, Cost – but don't see how I can do that.  The only customizations I see are how the reports are laid out.  Looking for a cheap(ie; free) reporting capability for MS Project where we can see totals for these variances.

  8. Jolie – Project has a variety of variance fields that you can use – Work Variance, Cost Variance, Start Variance, etc. Variance is the difference between the current value for the field and the baseline value.

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