Early Project 2010 Feedback and Issues – Part 2

Thanks for all the feedback everyone has sent in so far. Here are some of the tops items we’re seeing.

Fixed Issues -

Print Preview: The text says “Print Enter Project” instead of “Print Entire Project”. This issue by far we have heard from the most people and we have fixed in the final version.

Beta - image

Post-Beta -image

Exporting to Excel: In the Beta, only the tasks above the first blank line get exported to Excel. In the final version, we have fixed this so all the tasks get exported as expected.

Setting Hours Per Day and Hours Per Week: This issue didn’t affect all users but it was possible to get into a state where you couldn’t adjust the Hours Per Day and Hours Per Week setting in the Options dialog. This has also been fixed in the final version. In the meantime, you can get around this issue by using VBA. The following line of code will update these settings, just replace # with the number you want to set them to.

OptionsCalendar HoursPerDay:=#, HoursPerWeek:=#

Common Questions -

Entry Bar: In Project 2010, we have turned off the entry bar by default since we noticed people were not using it in usability studies and we want to remove any unnecessary elements from the UI. For those of you who dearly miss it, you can easily turn it back on. Go to File – Options – Display and check “Entry Bar”.

Before -


After -


Setting Constraints: It is by design that you can’t set constraints for manually scheduled tasks (the dropdowns are disabled). The fact that the task is manually scheduled is a lot like the task having a constraint on it since the task is not going to automatically get re-scheduled. You can still set a deadline on manually scheduled tasks. For more information see this blog post.

Re-sizing Rows: Several people have asked how to re-size all the rows at once. This works the same as Excel. To do this, click the box in the top left corner of the view:


This will select all the rows in the project. Now, drag the row divider for one of the rows to the height you want all the rows to have. This will set all rows to the same height. This works the same way in Project 2007 too.

Comments (6)

  1. The statistics is very hard to find and get to.  When tracking it is a nice form to open and get an easy peak at the metrics.  With the location in the backstage, it is very inconvenient to get to.  An icon for it should be somewhere near the Tracking icon on the UI.  I realize that you can customize the ribbon to add it but it is used a lot and should be available to users.

  2. Robert Anderson says:

    Data Loss – I’ve been using Project 2010 beta for approximately three months.  I have on experienced data loss on several occasions.  I have not been able to correlate with a specific action.

  3. Niek van Hussen says:

    When changing Duration or Work, the Assignment field is actualized in the timephased area, however it is NOT in the table area, nor in the Task Information box. This is very confusing.

    I worked on ProjPro 2010 64 bits.

  4. Ron Williamson says:

    New to post, used this app since '91.  

    2010 has formatting issues in prinouts when you have inside-the-bar text.  When the calendar range is small this text element does not "go-away" as in previous versions and overwrites on top of either the right or left bar text.  Is there a fix in the works for this?

    BTW I am using 2010 64 bit

  5. Hi Ron, I'm seeing the same issue. There currently isn't a fix in the works for this. You'd need to request it through this link – support.microsoft.com/…/14878

    As a workaround you can try putting the text below/above/to the left/right of the bar.

  6. Darlene says:

    Has anyone experienced or heard of baseline data loss when converting from Project 2003 to 2010?

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