Tips and Tricks: See work at a glance with the Calendar View

Whether chiseled onto ancient stone walls, or hung from your kitchen wall, calendars are often the preferred way to view the progress  of events, tasks, and even entire projects. So, too, with the Calendar view in Project 2007 and Project 2010. If you need project information presented in an attractive and efficient way, then take a look at the things you can do with the Calendar view.

image First things first. To open the Calendar in Project 2007, click Calendar on the View menu. For  Project 2010, click the View tab, and then click Calendar in the Task Views group.

To create a task    Click and then drag the mouse across the Calendar for the duration of the task.

To increase task duration   Move the cursor over the right side of the task bar until the cursor becomes a right-pointing arrow  image , then click and drag the task.

To link tasks    Move the cursor over the first task on the Calendar. Make sure the cursor doesn’t become a four-pointed arrow before linking the tasks. Now, click and drag the cursor to the second task—but don’t release the mouse button until the cursor becomes a chain-link symbol clip_image002.
To move a task    Move the cursor over the edge of the task until the cursor becomes a four-pointed cursor, then drag the task.

To format the task    Right click on the task, and then click Bar Styles.

To copy the Calendar    To copy the Calendar using Project 2007 into another program, like Word or in an e-mail message, click Copy Picture  clip_image006 on the Formatting toolbar. For Project 2010. click the Task tab, and then click Copy Picture.


Comments (3)

  1. Jessie Lipe says:

    Is there a way to designate colors per sets of tasks in the Calendar view in Project 2010? I want to be able to present my project plan in the Calendar view, but it would help if I could designate phases of the project using color. I see how to make a global color change, but not per task. Thanks!

  2. This is not possible to do in the Calendar view. You can do this in the Gantt chart though.

  3. Please, please, do let me set the colors of tasks in the Calendar view.  It will make our lives a lot easier.

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