Tips and Tricks for Project Show filtered tasks with other tasks

Sometimes, when filtering tasks, wouldn’t it be great if you could see filtered tasks with all the tasks, at the same time? Maybe you want to view filtered tasks within the context of all tasks.

For example, Knowing which tasks have deadlines and which don’t can help you prioritize tasks by deciding, say, where to re-allocate resources on the project as important deadlines begin to loom.

Welcome to filter highlighting.

Here are two task lists. The first has not been filtered. The second one has been filtered to show tasks that have a deadline—with the filtered tasks highlighted in blue.




Here’s how to create a highlighted filter in Project.

  1. In Project 2007, on the Project menu, click Filtered For, and then click More Filters.
    In the dialog box. select the filter you want to apply (or create a new filter).

  2. Click the Highlight button.
  3. Note   In Project 2010, on the View tab, select the type of filter you want to highlight in the Highlight list:


Presto! You’ll see the filtered tasks highlighted.

Comments (8)

  1. Kurt says:

    Is there any way to control the formatting of the highlights ?  For example, what if I want the background color of the cells for Late Tasks to turn Yellow (instead of the text turning blue) ?  Is there a way to control this ?

  2. Kur says:

    Nevermind.  I figured it out.  I changed the Text Style for Highlighted Text (under the ‘Format’ tab) to have a yellow background.  Works great!

  3. Toneys says:

    Good comment? I'll update our Help content to add this tip.

  4. Delphine says:

    OK…I got how to highlight filtered tasks.  But the BIG question I have is, for Project 3003 and/or 2007 how do I now remove the highlight, so that I can only see the filtered tasks again?

  5. Toneys says:

    To turn off the highlight to display only filtered tasks, reapply the filter. Instead of clicking Highlight, just click the name of the filter.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Toney says:

    Here's more info on filtering, with video:  

  7. Bill L. says:

    On my schedule in Project 2007, I want to show only incomplete tasks, AND I want to highlight the the incomplete tasks that start in a 3-week window starting on a given date. Can this be done? How?

  8. You can't use a Filter and Highlight filter at the same time. The simpler solution to your question would be to set the filter for incomplete tasks and then to sort by start date. This way it would be easy to see tasks that fell into that three week time period.

    The more complex solution to your question would involve using macros. You could still filter for incomplete tasks and then write a macro to set the Marked field to yes for tasks that fall into that three week window. Then if you go to Text Styles you can define a background color for Marked tasks. The Marked field is a field that comes in by default in Project but Project never sets. You can use it to drive custom text styles.

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