Tips and Tricks: Contour your work

  A typical work week is rarely typical. Yet, you can plan for this with a Project 2007 feature called “work contours.” If you discover that there is a consistent work pattern in your organization where people are assigned to work more hours at the beginning of a task than at the end, you can…


Project 2010: Introducing Demand Management

Demand Management is about capturing all work proposals in one single place, taking these proposals through a multi-stage governance process, making decisions on which proposals to approve and tracking progress on their execution until the work is completed. A key component within Demand Management is the Workflow governance model we have now implemented within Microsoft…


Project 2010: Introducing Portfolio Analysis

In Project Server 2010, a rich set of new Portfolio Strategy features are now available in the core Project Server product serving to more closely unify project and portfolio management. Those familiar with Portfolio Server 2007 will recognize many of these features, but will appreciate the enhancements made possible by rebuilding them on the Project…


Ask a Project PM: Timesheets and Task Status

Thanks all for your insightful questions on timesheets and task status in Project Server 2007! Project PM Patrick Conlan has some answers for you in this video:Ask a Project PM: Timesheets and Task Status Many thanks to Patrick for a well-versed interview. Watch for another topic next week!


Microsoft Project 2010 Session at Tech Ed Europe 2009

Please find below the list of Project 2010 sessions that will be delivered at Tech Ed Europe 2009 in Berlin in November. We will also have a Microsoft Project 2010 booth staffed by product experts in the Microsoft Product Pavilion so please drop by and ask plenty of questions! Session Description Code Speaker Date/Location Microsoft…


Project 2010 Technical Resources

We are pleased to announce the availability of the following Microsoft Project 2010 technical resources, save these bookmarks! TechNet Project 2010 TechCenter At the following areas are covered for IT Professionals: Planning, Deploying and Operating Project 2010 Environment, including Project 2010 hardware and software requirements and deployment guidance Upgrade and Migrating to Project 2010…


Project 2010: Introducing Web Based Project Editing

Have you ever wanted to make edits to a project plan far away from your desktop installation of Project? Perhaps you were in a meeting and pulled up Project Web Access to show project status but hoped to capture updates directly in PWA as the meeting progressed. Maybe you have multiple stakeholders on a plan…


Project 2010: Introducing User-Controlled Scheduling

In Project 2010, we have introduced a new concept called "User-Controlled Scheduling". It’s a collection of features designed to make Project a more flexible planning and schedule management tool. The idea is that you, as the project manager, can have complete control over when a task should happen. If and when appropriate, you can leverage…


Project 2010: Introducing Sync to SharePoint

Hi everyone, I’m Roberto Reif and today I am excited to introduce a new feature that has been added to Project Professional 2010, the ability to: synchronize a tasks list between Project and SharePoint!!! A Project Manager (PM) can use all the advanced scheduling capabilities that exist in Project Professional with all the collaborative capabilities…