Video: Project 2010 – Editing Very Large Projects

As promised in our post where we introduced Web Based Editing, we now have a video to demonstrate the speed with which you can edit a large project in Project Web Access. This project has 6,300 tasks and, as you can see from the video, in just a few short seconds you can load the project and make edits to the plan.  Just one of the many new features to look forward to in Project 2010.


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  1. Alex Ovecka says:

    This is a nice feature.  But even in 2007, this was supposed to be fast, but what we see from customers is that once you add a calculated field, or, as this doesn’t demonstrate, many tasks are linked in a plan that large. In essence, you’re editing a stand alone task, and asking the browser to repaint a screen’s worth of rows.  The hard part is adjusting the total tasks in the plan.  Performance goes down the tubes when you have any formulas or linked tasks, even in hte fat client.   Any word on this performance?

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