Early Project 2010 Feedback and Issues

It’s been great to see how many people have downloaded the Project 2010 Beta so far! Keep the feedback coming in the forums and through Send a Smile. I wanted to post to clarify a few of the most common issues people have been hitting so far.

Connecting Project 2010 client to Project 2007 Server – This is not supported. Project 2010 client can only connect to Project 2010 Server. You can connect the Project 2007 client to a Project 2010 server if the server is running in Compatibility Mode.

Unable to connect Project 2007 client to a 2007 server after installing Project 2010 client – This is an issue in the Beta. To fix this issue, go to the Control Panel – Add/Remove Programs and repair your installation of Project 2007.

Where is the Pert Add-in – This was removed from Project. Brian Kennemer has blogged about a macro he wrote to replace this functionality. Check that post out here.

Where is Copy Picture – It is on the Home tab – Copy dropdown. clip_image001

Remember, if you are using Send a Smile, please include your email address and put the text “Project” in your comments. This way we can find your feedback and follow up.

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  1. RC says:

    Just wanted to share some feedback: Not supporting project server 2007 compatibility is a major adoption barrier for my company.

  2. I’ve come to learn that time-phased comments are not exposed within the timesheet user interface (a.k.a. cell comments).  This is a requirement for my company in order to migrate from our existing time management system to PWA time management.

    Please provide a recommended approach to expose the time-phased comment for timesheet entry.

  3. Well doesn’t that suck for testing.  I guess I will have to download Project Server 2010.  I am looking forward to it. 🙂

  4. Andrin says:

    Thank you for the "Where is Copy Picture" hint :-). The output of the display rendering is ugly, but eh printer one looks well.

  5. There is an issue in Beta2 with Copy Picture that is causing the image to be blury. This was fixed for the final release.

  6. tpannell says:

    It seems there should be a way to show the total number of estimated hours for a project.  Part of the project planning is determining what can be done in a specified time period.  It seems Project should provide a total on the number of estimated hours for the tasks in the project.

  7. Srinivas Rautwar says:

    I published a project using PWA 2010 site. I can see the updates and everything looks fine.

    I opened the same project in Project Professional, but the project is blank. What am I missing here?

  8. Emily Gibson says:

    Hello- I was working on a Project 2010 file when my computer suddenly shut down. I unfortunately hadn’t saved my changes yet.

    When it started back up, I was expecting to be able to find a restored copy but it didn’t exist. I could find restored copies for my unsaved Word, Excel and PPT files but not for Project. Is there a way I can search through my temp files to find this version I was working on?

    Or does Project not create a temp file and therefore, my file is gone?

    Please help.



  9. Don Haddaway says:

    my project file size ballons to massive 77mb even for moderately complex plan

    can anyone help?

  10. CR says:

    MSP 2010 I want to show the total project budget ($1M), then daily deduct from that amount, essentially keep a running balance.

    is there a way to set this up in MSP 2010?

  11. CR – you can't do that exactly as you describe but you can come close. To do this:

    1. create a budget cost resource (in the resource sheet, set the type to cost, then go to the Resource Information dialog and check Budget) and assign it to the project summary task (if the project summary task isn't displayed go to the Format tab and check it)

    2. Go to the Resource Usage view and insert the Budget Cost column. Set that for the budget resource to $1mil.

    3. Now back in the Gantt chart insert the Budget Cost, Cost, and Actual Cost columns.

    You'll then be able to see how much money you've budgeted for the project, how much you currently plan to use and how much you've used.

  12. Nicole says:

    I have some big issues with the reportin capabilities of MS Project 2010.

    First, I cannot view the report in full page format. It skinnies it down to only 1/3 of the screen with no options to adjust it. Help!

    Second, I cannot export the reports to Excel for further manipulation. I'm stuck with the canned project versions. Big HELP!

    Please tell me there is a solution for the above issues as they are very frustrating and they are creating more work for me!

  13. John says:

    I love Project 2010 however when I have to share files with people that are using legacy versions of project we have a problem.  I need this to work and for it to be simple.  Not cool.

  14. John – can you describe the issues you are having?

  15. GM says:

    After working with 2010 at a certain point the software refuses to save changes and you lost all your work. Is anybody experiencing this? Any suggestions?

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