Now Available – Project 2010 Beta!!!

You’ve heard the buzz, seen the posts, now check it out for yourself – the Project 2010 Beta is now available!!!

To download: Click here for Project. You can download the other Office applications from here

To send feedback: Use Send-a-Smile. When you install Project 2010, you’ll notice that a smiley face and frown now appear in your taskbar. You can use these to send feedback on your experience with Project. To help us out make sure to use the word “Project” in the comments section and include your email address so we can follow up with you if we have any questions.

To get help: Visit the Project 2010 forums

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  1. Tim says:

    I’d like to see Project provide a simple total number of man hours for a project.  

    The first phase of our project planning is identifying what we can fit in an allotted time frame.  We estimate the time for each task, determine what can be done in that phase and then assign the task.  However, project does not provide any way to total those time estimates.

  2. Nicholas Mabonga says:

    Need to look at it before purchase

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