Ask a Project PM: Timesheets and Task Status

Thanks all for your insightful questions on timesheets and task status in Project Server 2007! Project PM Patrick Conlan has some answers for you in this video:
Ask a Project PM: Timesheets and Task Status

Many thanks to Patrick for a well-versed interview. Watch for another topic next week!

Comments (2)
  1. David Cz says:


    Very interested to find out more about this, but the corporate policy around streaming media prevents me from viewing it.   Will have to watch this after I go home.

    In future, would also be helpful if a transcript of the interview was posted, along with the video; to enable people (like me) who are impeded by corporate policies around watch video/movie feeds over the Internet.



  2. Rod Frank says:

    In this video it mentions some SQL that will remove closed projects from the timesheet.  I do not see this listed anywhere in the blog and I’ve been trying to do this for sometime.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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