Tips and Tricks: Where did my tasks go?

One problem that often crops up when analyzing task and resource issues with Project 2007 is mishandling filters. After creating a complex filter that spans multiple columns, you may wish there'd be a quick way to turn off the filters for all the columns. Or worse, maybe someone sent you a project with filtering apply, and you can't easily tell which column filters to turn off.


Click F3. All the filtering is now removed.  And, of course, this works in Project 2010, too.

Comments (3)

  1. ?? says:

    Don’t you mean hit F3, or push F3, or select F3.  Click F3 (to me anyway) means position the cursor over something on the screen saying "F3), not push the F3 button.

  2. That should read as "push F3 on your keyboard".

  3. Tito says:

    Very useful tip, thanks!  The instructions are very straightforward too…I always wonder whether I should say "click", "select"… when I write instructions too.  I guess the jury is still out 😉

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