Ask a Project PM: Got questions about timesheets or task status?

This month, I’ll be interviewing Project PM Patrick Conlan about timesheets and task statusing in Project Server 2007. I know there are a ton of questions out there in this area…this is your opportunity to get those questions answered!

I’ll be doing the interview during the week of the 19th, so keep your questions coming in through the next week and a half or so.

Comments (5)

  1. Gerald says:

    How can I remove completed projects from an end users timesheet if I do not want to delete the project from the Publish and draft databasees?

  2. Rod Gill says:


    One scenario I have come across a number of times is different teams with different sets of admin tasks. For example IT support needs admin Tasks related to different support programs. IT developers need Admin Tasks related to training, support of new releases, sales support etc.

    When there is only one list of Admin tasks, the timesheet is full of Tasks most users will never use. Is there a way of handling different Admin tasks for different teams without one long list of admin tasks and no admin projects?


  3. Prasanna Adavi says:

    In a time sheet with "administrative time, set to "working", and "approval required", looks like the user can enter this time for future also and submit for approval, even with the option of users reporting time for future disabled? I Understand this behavior if it is a non-working time, but how does this apply for a "working" time unbder Administrative time?

  4. Prasanna Adavi says:

    When a new line item is added to the TimeSheets, and hours reported against it, and then impoted to My Tasks page, what happens to the Line item? Does it get added to the Project Plan after TimeSheet Manager approves the Timesheet? If yes, doesn’t that jeopardize the integrity of the project schedule? if no, then aren;t the line items just stuck in timehseet without visibility on the ipmact to the project?

  5. Janice says:

    Is there a way to change the verbiage "TimeSheets" throughout the system?  The term Timesheets implies tracking a persons coming and goings in my organization and if we could rename it something other than TimeSheets we could use it here.

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