Tips and Tricks: Create a report instantly with Project 2007

It's the end of the month, and you need that project report right away. One handy trick is to copy and paste Project 2007 information into PowerPoint, Word, Visio, an e-mail message, or just about any piece of software that allows an image to be pasted.


1. If you have specific rows you want copied, select those. Or forget this step if you want to copy a picture of the entire project.

2. On the Standard Toolbar, click the Copy Toolbar button image .


The data is captured in a picture and copied to the Clipboard. From there, you can paste the picture into the other application.

And if you like this tip, wait until Project 2010! Copying and pasting takes on a whole new meaning. With Project 2010, column and data formatting is retained when you copy and pasting (without using the button) into an Office application--for an instant report.

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