Ask a Project PM: And the next topic is…client reporting!

Last month’s video interview with Project PM Bonny Lau went really well, thanks in part to your thoughtful questions! This month, we’ll be tackling client reporting with Heather O’Cull. Here’s your chance to ask any questions you have about visual reports, basic reports, customizing reports, or anything even remotely report-related on the client. Post your questions as comments on this blog post, I’ll compile them, and post a video of Heather fielding your questions later this month!

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  1. Joe Janesku says:

    Project Server has limited reporting capabilities.  How do you justify standing up another infrastructure for SQL Reporting Services.?  Do you go all the way and integrate this with Sharepointas well?

  2. Hi Joe! I should’ve been clearer in my initial post…Heather is the PM for *client* reporting, not server, so she won’t be able to address your question. My apologies! The original post has been corrected.

    Do you have any client-specific reporting questions?

  3. mdgrkb says:

    I recently asked in MS Project forum how to save a Project file keeping the Gantt chart tasks’ start and beginning dates, but stripping out Resources units (like 50%, 80%) and the answer I got is that it’s not possible in Project 2007.

    What we want to achieve is that customer receiving the file shouldn’t have visibility over our resources’ time allocation to the project.

    Will this be possible in Project 2010?


  4. Kevin Slane says:


    I saw a nice demo of MS Project Professional 2010.  You may want to look at the "Timeline" feature.  It allows you to copy a nice graphical timeline of your project (without resource information) and paste it anywhere you want.

  5. Geoff Northam says:

    One frustration and limitation of using Visual Reports are the bugs associated with timephased data.  A significant limitation is the export of task BCWP values, which seem to export resource assignment BCWP data for the task rather than the expected task based BCWP values.   Is there a plan to fix this bug?  Having to use alternate export tools to extract the correct EV data is very frustrating.

  6. Ivan Cole says:

    I have been looking for the best forum to make sure a flaw in the Project 2007 Visual Reports is fixed in 2010.  When you create an Outline Custom Field in Project it will nicely concatenate the Field Value and Description in the drop down list when assigning values to the field.  But when you create a visual report using an outline field it only includes the value and not the description. The description is not even available as a property.  I believe this makes the reporting useless.  As a result we have to put the description in the value field.  But on Project Server the description is required for the field to be published to the client so it means their is duplication.

    Can you make sure that the description is included as a property so it is visible or concatenate the description always?

    If there is some other forum to make this requestion please let me know.

    Thank you.


    PS:  I would be happy to send a screenshot and more details if anyone is interested.

  7. TomB says:

    Reporting in hours of work or hours of capacity is useful when working with a small group of resources…what large organizations need is the ability to display total resource demand in terms of FTEs and not a simple divide hours by 168 hours per month…but calculate FTEs by the availability of resource hours capacity for each month, based upon the global that FTEs are calculated accurately for each time dimension and period used.  There are currently complex ways to derive this in the olap cube, but end user reporting needs to be easier in this arena…it is how a business manages its resources.

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