Conceptual project management information on Office Online

Looking for more information about the project management field? Office Online has several resources that may help.

Getting started

· Go beyond Excel for project management

· How your project fits into the big picture

· A short course in project management

· A quick history of project management

Setting up and working with projects

· Develop practical, achievable, and believable quality standards

· Drive the marketing and product requirements process

· Establish and manage the project stakeholders list

· Tried-and-true techniques for shortening projects


· A talk with Bonnie Biafore on tracking project variances

· Leading practices for applying variance data to future projects

· Determining the right threshold for project cost and schedule variances

Change management

· A talk with Lonnie Pacelli on introducing change management to your project team

· Use schedule buffers to manage change

Comments (2)

  1. Chris jones says:

    Thank you for putting together these resources. I am going through them now. Thanks again

  2. juicy says:

    Great compilation of links. I personally use Excel for any of my data organization. Just remember to backup all the work you do.

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