Help update for Project 2007

If the computer you use to work in the Microsoft Office Project 2007 client is connected to the Internet, you have already see the latest Help files. However, if you work in the Project 2007 client offline, you can download an update to the offline Help files, so that you have more current content.

You can read more about the Help update here, or download the Help update here.

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  1. Jenna Shepherd says:

    I am an instructor at a Technical College. I am looking for an online knowledge base or user group where I can post questions and receive solutions to issues with Project 2007. I do not personally have Project 2007 on my computer; I do have a trial version of 2010. The college has the license for Project 2007.

  2. Deborah says:

    I have a question I have about 25 projects I need to coordinate what suggestion to use to track all the milestones in one project?

  3. You can try using a master project. This way you can combine all your sub projects into one large project and then filter to see only the milestones. This help article has more information –…/plans-within-plans-master-projects-and-subprojects-HA010379395.aspx

  4. Neil Munson says:

    I have an .mpp file that has grown to 14Mb.  I have compression on but the .mpp file does not compress until I rename the file.  When I do rename the file it cuts the file size almost in half.  Any thoughts on what may be causing this?  

  5. When you save as to a new file, it forces Project to rewrite it’s data streams in a sequential manner which means there are no gaps in the data structure that holds all of this stuff.  Just like a file on your hard drive, your MPP files can get fragmented internally.  Project will do its own compaction/defragmentation, but only under certain circumstances.  There’s one way to try to force Project to compact a file and that is by doing the following:

    1. Open the project.

    2. Without doing anything else, Save the project.

    3. Close the project.

    4. Open the project.

    5. Without doing anything else, Save the project.

    If the file is going to compact, it’ll do it on the 5th step.  But, Project uses heuristics to determine whether or not it really wants to compact the file. Thus, it may not do any compaction.  In cases like that, then SaveAs is the only other alternative.

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