Back to basics: Printing your project

Okay, so printing in Microsoft Office Project 2007 might be a little more complex than you're used to. We'll give you that. Need some help figuring out how to get your project data printed and looking professional? Read on.

Printing a view

The first step in printing a view is to set up the view itself so that everything you want to print is displayed appropriately. This may involve things like showing or hiding columns (video), changing row height and wrapping text, or changing column titles in sheet views. If you want to print multiple projects in a single view, you might try printing a consolidated project, which enables you to sort, filter, or group the tasks and resources across multiple projects, all in one printable view.

Once you have the view set up the way you'd like it to print, the next step is to adjust your printing options. If you are printing a Calendar view, you'll need to specify the number of months or weeks you want to print. When printing a view, you can choose to print all notes in the project, or even add a header, footer, or legend.

With your view and printing options all set up, you're ready to print a view. You can even print your project plan to a PDF file, if you'd rather work with a soft copy.

Printing reports

Another option for printing your project data is to generate reports and print those. You can create and print a basic report, a custom basic report, or a visual report.

What's the difference? Basic reports and custom basic reports are generated within Project, and offer a limited reporting experience. Visual reports are generated in Microsoft Office Excel 2007/2003, and Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007, and use PivotTables and PivotDiagrams to provide a rich, dynamic reporting environment. With this flexibility, visual reports provide a more agile reporting solution than basic reports.

Visual reports are printed through Excel and Visio. For more information on printing in these applications, see the following Help areas:

· Saving and printing in Excel 2007

· Printing in Visio 2007

Having trouble?

With so many printing options, it's understandable that you might run into trouble. The following articles may help:

· What I see on the screen is not what prints

· It takes too long to print my project

· Gridlines don't print

· Columns don't print right

Comments (6)

  1. You’ve spent hours in Microsoft Office Project 2007 hand-crafting a project plan that you’re pretty sure

  2. Problem printing custom reports says:

    When I select custom reports from the report menu, I highlight the custom report I want to print and then press the select button.  When I do this, the default print of the Gantt chart prints instead of my custom report.  All non-custom reports print OK but no a single custom report prints.  The Gantt chart always prints when selecting any custom report.  I have never had this problem in any prior version of MS Project.

  3. Problem printing custom reports – This issue was fixed in Project 2010 SP1.

  4. Jimi says:

    Hello – I have created several vertical lines (drawing) that are tied to a specific task number. It displays perfectly on my screen, but the drawing lines do not print. Please advise on how to print lines that have been drawn? Thanks. Also, the "What I see on the screen is not what prints" link is dead.

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