New Help Content – October/November

Check out the new help content that has been added over the past few months.


The Project 2007 Resource Center includes descriptions and links to three videos that were posted in October:

· Timesheet Customizations for Project Server 2007

· Working with the Project Server 2007 Reporting Database

· Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Project Server 2007

Office Online

Watch this: Up to speed with Project 2007

This six-part video series is designed to help you ramp up on project management and Microsoft Office Project 2007.

How your project fits into the big picture

This article describes how a project relates to other organizational terms, such as phases, processes, portfolios, and products. It also covers a project's deliverables, including products, results, and services.

Ten Things You Can Learn about Project Management from Britney Spears

This podcast is a light-hearted explanation of basic project management concepts, using Britney Spears career as an example.

Video: Connect to Project Server from Project Professional

This video explains how to connect to Project Server from within Project Professional, and helps to demystify the ambiguities in the process.

Every Project Plan is a triangle

This article explains at a very high level the underlying premise of project management-that every successful project needs to weigh three critical things.

Up to speed with Project [This is a few months old, but has continually been updated, and is now complete with all new videos]

Take a tour across Project with videos about core concepts.


Requirements for using SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services with the Project Server 2007 Cube Building Service

This article provides instructions and guidance to use the Project Server 2007 Cube Building Service with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services. It describes configuration requirements, procedures, best practices, and error messages that you might encounter.

Resource Management

This is the newest article in the "From the Trenches - Deploying the EPM Solution in the Real World" column by Chris Vandersluis. Additional articles by Chris Vandersluis can also be found at the Project Server TechCenter (

Deploy cumulative updates (Project Server 2007)

This article describes how to install Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 cumulative updates.

Office Project Server 2007 Technical Library in Compiled Help format (Updated for November)

The entire library for Office Project Server 2007 is now available as a downloadable .chm file. This download includes all content in the library as of November 6, 2008. This download will be updated monthly.

TechNet Virtual Lab: Enterprise Project Management and Data Visualization using Microsoft BI Tools and Solutions

This lab shows you how to leverage the portfolio of Microsoft business intelligence tools and solutions applied-but not limited to-Enterprise Project Management (EPM) data. This lab will also help you discover how to leverage Excel Services in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Office Project Server 2007, SQL Reporting Services 2005, Microsoft Office Visio 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Dashboard, and Project KPIs to provide full-feature solutions to solve customer requirements for Office Project Server 2007.

Plan for disaster recovery in Project Server 2007

This series of articles describes best practices for planning a disaster recovery solution for Project Server 2007.

Planning for fault tolerance and availability in Project Server 2007

This topic provides planning guidance for fault tolerance and availability in a Project Server 2007 deployment.

Enterprise disaster recovery for Project Server 2007

This series of topics describes procedures and best practices for backing up and restoring Project Server 2007 using SQL Server tools.

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